Orange Chocolate Chapter 5

Here’s “Orange Chocolate” chapter 5.

Link to Orange Chocolate chapter 5 (update 3/1/2010 — Version 1: Translation correction on page 45 and minor edits from Kuma-chan)

Chiro moves forward towards understanding herself more.

For those of you interested in the dance mentioned in this chapter here are some links to some videos!

These are video of “Fuji Musume” or “The Wisteria Maiden” starring Tamasaburo.  I was really lucky to find this videos because they include EXCELLENT commentary in English about what’s going on during the dance.  I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the dance at all without the commentary, so I HIGLY recommend viewing these to gain a greater appreciation of Nichibu Onnagata and of the events going on in “Orange Chocolate.”

Fuji Musume part 1

Fuji Musume part 2

9 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chapter 5

  1. Thank you for the release and the amazing clips! The narration helps me appreciate the dance so much more. After watching the clips, it is easier to understand what they're talking about in Orange Chocolate 🙂

  2. Aaaahhh! Aaaaaahhhh. I think I've found my new favorite manga! Thank you for scanlating this and providing the links for the dance. It's interesting to learn new stuff!

  3. Thank you! Orange Chocolate keeps getting better with each chapter. *O*
    I love Chiro-Ritsu. He always causes interesting situations. 😀
    The scene when Chiro and Ritsu dance together is probably going to be awesome.

  4. @Carolina: Chiro and Ritsu dancing starts at the end of Chp 6 and goes well into Chp 7. It doesn't happen as we all may be expecting and the result after the dance isn't expected either, but the way it's handled feels authentic. Basically, we start to get to matter of what Chiro really wishes for. Also, at the end of Chp 7 a couple of new characters show up. I'm feeling a little worried about the new characters, though. But we'll see…I can't wait to get to it. I wish I could divide into 4 people so I could get to it faster!

  5. It will be even better if it's unexpected! Chiro's personality is getting deeper as we get to know her better. She's stronger than I thought. That makes OC very interesting.
    I understand what you feel. When the manga is interesting, we always want to scanlate faster. But you're doing very good so far. 😉

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