Ouran Ending Soon Rumor Clarified and Laid to Rest!

The rumor that chapter 81 is the last Ouran chapter has been clarified.


Hopefully, with this explanation we all now understand that there is NOTHING out there that indicates that Ouran is ending anytime soon.  I suppose this is a good thing, considering that Ouran is quite popular and there’s a general consensus there’s a lot of potential story left.

(A now a little wisdom from my Dad:


Be wary of assumptions, as they can be often wrong and based on NOTHING but personal opinion)

6 thoughts on “Ouran Ending Soon Rumor Clarified and Laid to Rest!

  1. Commenting on your poll:

    Those can't be Grandmother's shoes because she's traditional – she's wearing house slippers (as well as very casual clothing at the moment). I thought they were Anne's (but not w/ Tamaki) but you didn't give an option for that.

    I looked at the forum link. Heh, why do they want such predictability?

    Thank you again for all your hard work.

  2. @Corgi — Ah, I thought about that too. Hmm…but that third object in the picture…hmmm, a cane? or another person's shoe?

    As for the forum: I have no clue why some folks want it to end predictability and soon. They say they are enjoying Ouran, but at the same time they want it to end immediately and abruptly??? I really don't get it. I don't think the story is just about Tamaki. I think it's about all of them. Also, the economics don't make sense. If Ouran sells magazines, I doubt Lala is gonna shut the story off. I don't think there's an overall plan for some series. I think a story has to be prepared to end whenever it's no longer commercially viable.

  3. @Kuro: i hate it when this happens, i am currently reading an adventure manga called Knights (recommended!) that, according to the scanlator, was forced to end because the publishing magazine it is serialized in is going under.

  4. good as I said before and said tamaki Ouran is not only a leading figure it is logical but I do not think Hatori not give equal importance to all and I think the issue of Kyouya still missing or perhaps that is not named in the sports festival Kyouya actions to obtain merit somehow do not think that many chapters focused on end only in one spot and pages and
    and also need to see their futures touched a topic in the series

  5. @pandora-hyuga: Yep! I agree, Ouran is about the club and not one character specifically.

    As for Kyouya, A lot of people consider the sport's contest to be his primary story arc, but I think that was more about solidifying the relationship between Tamaki and Kyouya. I think men, even if they are best friends — especially if they are best friends — have to in some way “beat each other up” to establish dominance. There's something to be said about earning merit by aiding someone with greater social standing, but that does nothing but establish that person as the “King Maker” and not the “King.” I think under his cool exterior Kyouya wants to be “King” and he's just lurking around calmly until he steels his mind to do so and the timing is right. How does this all play out within the club context, I can't say, but I'm hoping for some Kyouya audacity.

    And then there's that nagging question in my mind about why Kyouya even gives Haruhi time of day. There's no merit in getting to know her. Furthermore, what's stuck in my mind is a saying that kinda goes like this, “if you want the girl, get in good with her Papa” and as of now, which character is closest to Ranka. Also there's the matter of him caring enough to clarify the situation with Haruhi with regards to Shizue — to me that's superfluous unless you didn't want to see her get sent off or hurt further.

    In a way, I kinda see Kyouya as the “final boss” separating Haruhi and Tamaki. This was kinda implied in the anime when Haruhi “takes a spin” with Kyouya, but then is handed back to Tamaki. It also plays into the “King Maker” vs. “King” thing and makes sense to me giving that Haruhi is making her social standing purely based on merit rather birth. I suppose in the end Kyouya could deny everything by saying he just wanted to see how far she could go. I think, though, if Kyouya did go after Haruhi, that would be quite a “bold” move and make A LOT of fan girls very happy. Personally, I'd rather see those two end up together rather than Tamaki and Haruhi.

    As for Haruhi, yes, I totally agree that her story is not done either. Her character still has a lot of growing to do in terms of becoming a lawyer and in terms of social merit if she is, indeed, going to end up with one of the Host Club guys in the future. She needs to know all that history and art stuff, manners, and she needs to make connections with lots of people in order to be a great lawyer and fit in with people around her. I think Kousaka is the example of a “incomplete” corporate lawyer.

    Anyhow, I'm rambling now … but I think there's plenty of story left in Ouran and I look forward to reading it :)!

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