Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 16

Yay!  The long awaited wedding…? Heheh, I’m not so sure about that ;p.  Something about this chapter smacks of a night-before-dream…it’s just my hunch because a few things seem inconsistent with what we learned in the last couple of chapters.  All of these things, Yuda doesn’t know…so…I’m left with the dream hunch.  Plus, the whole wedding seems rather underwhelming.  Maybe, I’m expecting too much…you be the judge:

Link to “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen” chapter 16

Special thanks to Silver Lunar and Corgi for helping to get this release out quickly!

WARNING!:  Comments to this blog entry contain spoilers, so read the comments after you’ve read the chapter.

8 thoughts on “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 16

  1. If you ask me the best 'Oh shi-' moment is what happens to the king, rather than the cliff hangy ending.
    Maybe it is because he grew on me alot in the last chapter, i hope it will get better!!! ;_;

  2. @SilverLunar — I agree with you on that one. If this is indeed reality within the story (not a dream), then the King simply has to live and retract the stupidity coming from his Kingdom. The other way out is for Johanne to speak to the people of Canaan and Meteora, explain the situation, and because he's so well loved, the people and the military will not listen to the stupidity coming out of Meteora's palace and we move on from there. That would explain the conversation between the King and Queen of Meteora during the parade.

    Personally, I hope it is a dream so Yuda can warn Johanne and he can cleverly stop the plot. Plus, I want an over-the-top wedding dress and a passionate kiss.

    What you do think about Jeremiah? Personally, I think his man took out the shooter, rather than actually being the shooter.

  3. The king-being-shot-is-just-a-dream theory is way, waaaaaaay to farfetched to me, there is nothing that indicates it being in Yuda's head or anything, it really happened sadly :[

    And the reaction of Meteora is justified and doesn't seems “stupid” at all from my point of view, THEY SHOT THE FREAKING KING (pleasse don't die!!), do you just expect them to just ask for an apology and everything will be fine?? at least i don't.

    From the way the panels are drawn, it was pretty obvious that Jeremiah wasn't the one who shot him, but the other guy with the turban did it (man, him being evil just doesn't click with me for some reason ;/)

  4. I guess Meteora's reaction seems stupid to me because it was a decision made without full investigation. I think a sensible order for Johanne would be for him to lead the investigation in to the assassination attempt. I don't like it when countries react in a knee-jerk fashion. So in this case, I don't think Meteora's actions are justified w/o a full investigation.

    Yeah, a dream maybe way far-fetched, but it's the feeling I got at the end of the chapter. I'm probably completely wrong, though.

    The guy in the turban — well, remember, there are those in Canaan and Judecca who owe their lives to Johanne and want to protect him and Juda…so, I wouldn't be so sure about the guy in the turban being bad. Making that assumption plays into what may be a lesson about prejudice ;p.

  5. I'm more in agreement with SilverLunar – it never occurred to me that this chapter could be a dream. I guess I just assumed it was reality, but I think dream sequences are rarely an entire chapter long. They're usually just a part of the chapter. But to be fair, I guess we can't rule that possibility out completely until the next chapter.

    I'm just a bit puzzled over how Joshua got appointed proxy unanimously. I thought Johanne was way too popular for that? Yes, his popularity is with the populace but it also extends to the aristocracy and even his father was talking about him being the successor, right? So I'm sure some parliament members would also prefer Johanne over Joshua. The only thing I could think of was that maybe part of their evil plot involved bribing/corrupting parliament, which would also explain the brash war declaration – getting parliament to declare war would fit in with their plot to keep the two countries at war, tear Johanne and Euda apart, etc. Or am I just missing something?

    Either way, the point of this was to say thank you for this chapter! I love the scanlations you do :] Oh, and that on pg 14 it should be 'comrade' with an e.

  6. @Crystal — That's why I think it's a dream or perhaps the letter at the end is a ruse. I have a hard time believing parliament would suddenly unanimously elected Joshua to the throne after the last chapter, too.

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