Orange Chocolate Chapter 9

Update 4/21/2010:  Kuma-chan found some small errors and I’ve corrected them, so now everything should be good to go!  Hoorays for Kuma-chan and Toune86!!!
I’d like to get one more set of eyes on this before releasing,  but…I guess it’s okay…I hope.  Anyhow, here’s “Orange Chocolate” chapter 9.  To those folks who are overly-eager uploaders, please wait until the 23nd such that if there are changes made, you get the latest version.

Link to Orange Chocolate Chapter 9

Next up is “Ouran High School Host Club” Chapter 80.  Until I get the raw (it should arrive Friday afternoon at my local bookstore), I will be working on “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 10 so you all won’t have to wait long to have the chapter 9 cliffhanger resolved.  I just saw in the advertisement in one of the side panels of the latest chapter of “Skip Beat” that there will be another Hana Kimi omake released in May.  I will take a look at it when it comes out in Hana to Yume issue 11 to decide whether I will translate it.

6 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chapter 9

  1. Thank you so much for the release! I will not be able to describe my gratitude in words (and to think there might be another chapter out very soon). The ending of this chapter nearly had me in tears.

  2. @Sara — Yeah, I was pretty sad by the end of this chapter too because Chiro feels so bad and guilty about what's she's done. I think we can all relate to how sometimes it hurts you more when you hurt someone you love. And then also, because she used Ritsu's body, Chiro knows first hand how tired he is. It's an all around bad situation.

  3. @Omari's Sister — My thoughts exactly. I would never have thought that a scene involving text messages could have such a deep impact on me. Chiro's sincerity really shines through and makes it easy to relate (just as you say). The repeated apologies are simple but powerful, not least because it is such a great example of how the hurt and guilt won't let go.

    The buildup was great. What you mentioned about the reasons behind Chiro's feelings must be why I was so moved. Few other manga I have read have been able to properly convey these kinds of feelings in a convincing way (or maybe I am just bad at finding good manga?).

    Oh, and thanks again for the release. If it were not for you I would probably have lived my life to its end never finding out about the existence of Orange Chocolate.

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