Ouran Chp 80 Teaser

I’m working as much as I can this weekend on Ouran chapter 80.  I can’t devote all my time to this weekend to Ouran because I do have a life and husband and we want to go to the movies. (Yesterday, we went on a fun day trip to see the desert blooms).  Anyhow…as I do with the other series, here’s a preview/teaser of Ouran chapter 80.  I will be done cleaning and editing the chapter soon.  I am, though, sticking with the target completion date of 4/30 until I have a clearer estimation of when it will be done.


One thought on “Ouran Chp 80 Teaser

  1. *Long and hard fan girl scream* Thank you SOOO much! I was up for 40 hours waiting for SOMEONE to post SOMETHING, and you finally did. You helped me get some sleep, and for that, I thank you! ^_^ I can't wait for the rest!

    “Are you…LYING TO ME WITH THIS MOUTH!!!”g xD

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