"Seirei Produce" Update

I can’t sleep ’cause my stomach’s rumbly, so I did a quick read of the first chapter of “Seirei Produce.”  Basically, 16-year old Momose Shina meets a couple of strange guys in a park.  One of them is dressed in a kimono and asks if she believes in God.  Shina thinks he’s a proselytizing weirdo and tries to get away from the guy in the kimono.  A little later, Shina gets very tired to the point of barely being able to move and she looks so sick that strangers are taking pity on her.  She goes to rest on a bench.  While on the bench, a crow starts talking to her and tells her she stinks (rude little bugger!).  They exchange words (Shina ends up choking the crow — LOL!!!) and the crow scratches her as it flies away.  A little later, the guy in the kimono and his attendant show up in front of Shina.  Shina notices that the guy in the kimono has the same scratch as hers.  Some stuff happens, he pulls out a fancy fan, and then declares that from now on Shina will become his.  This, of course, doesn’t settle well with Shina.  Anyhow, that bastard crow comes back with his friends and attacks the guy in the kimono.  Every injury the kimono guy receives, Shina receives too.  Shina gets fired up with fighting spirit and helps the kimono guy use the fan to drive the crows away.  The guy then explains to Shina that he’s a “Water Mirror” named is “Amane” and that she is his possession (or more like he’s possessing her).  She tries to run away, but it seems that they are now are linked, and poor Shina has lost her freedom…

In the second chapter it looks like Amane goes to live with Shina in her ramshackled place and by the end of it we find out that Motoko is trying to become a God and Shina believes that if she can help him achieve that goal, then she can regain her freedom…and that bastard crow shows up again with a human companion…hmm…

My initial thoughts are that Shina is very spunky and likable and I like the interaction between her and the wannabe God, Amane.  Despite Amane’s insistence that Shina is his possession, it seems that Shina is firmly in control of the situation and of him.  For the most part this is a comedy and I can see no opening for romance now, and, because this is a series in Asuka, there’s a good chance there will be no romance, but rather a strong friendship between Shina and Amane.

I will definitely scanlate the first two chapters and then we’ll see where things go from there.  As always, I welcome your comments :).

4 thoughts on “"Seirei Produce" Update

  1. This sounds interesting. I think it could be a good thing if the two main characters didn't develop a romantic relationship. It would make the story more original. But the artwork is gorgeous so if you scanlate it, I will definitely read it. 😉

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