New Series: "Kimi ni Kiss & Hug"

“Kimi ni XOXO” or “Kimi ni Kiss & Hug” (Kisses and Hugs for You) is a new series from Mizuno Tohko that debuted in Lala issue 7.  It looks adorable!  Taking a cursory look, the story seems to center around a boy with girlish features who has a crush on confident female friend.  Somehow or another he meets a fairy-like creature who transforms him into a fabulous bishonen.  Of course as this fabulous binshonen he rescues his crush from some bad guys.  The artwork is ADORABLE!!! And skimming the first few pages, though, cliched, the story might not be too bad, so after Seirei Produce, I will do a trial of the first chapter of this series.  I will put out a preview after we finish “Shinobigoto.”

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