One-Shot: "Shinobigoto"

Here’s the short story “Shinobigoto” by Kusakawa Nari. It’s a little bit of a change of pace from the kind of story I usually select, but variety is good. I hope you all enjoy it!

Link to “Shinobigoto” English
In Spanish (La Noche en los Caidos)

Next up is “Seirei Produce” chapter 1!

10 thoughts on “One-Shot: "Shinobigoto"

  1. @Lacy — I downloaded, unzipped, and viewed the file that is currently on the server without error. If you just need one page, send me a little e-mail message and I will send you the page or the entire zip file via e-mail.

  2. @Omari

    I tried dling it again and it seems ok now, I guess my internet was dropping out before it finished or something.

    Thanks for looking into it :3

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