I Finally Have Lala DX 9!

I finally have Lala DX 9!  Yay! AnS chapter 20 is 40 pages long and according to the preview chapter 21 will be 45-pages long.  ZHD chapter 18 is also 40-pages long.  I expect this chapter to bring fans much joy :).  Chapter 19 will be the final chapter of ZHD and will run 50-pages.

And now to get to work on AnS 20!

8 thoughts on “I Finally Have Lala DX 9!

  1. Hooray! I'm so excited about the new chapter of Akagami no Shirayukihime. I hope there is more revealed in this chapter than the last (and hopefully less cliffhangers, more moe Zen love). Good luck with the translation!

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaay…Akagami…!!!*happy*
    lol, for the past week i've been checking every day about 10 times…^^

    and…noooooooooo…last 2 chaps of ZHD…???aaah, i thought they'd have at least a bit more chaps…T_T
    oh, well, i'm gonna love these two anyway…:)

    you're my hero, good luck on work…!!!^^

    lol, i doubt there will be babies already, more like they'll have last 2-5 pages of last chap as a time skip and THEN they'll show their babies…XD

  3. I lost the last comment! Blogger been having trouble with comments. If your comment doesn't show up in a day or so, try posting it again. I have yet to reject a comment. I'm sorry this is happening.

    Anyhow, I missed your handle, but AnS doesn't have any Zen X Shirayuki moments. I'm sorry :(. It does have some nice Shirayuki X Obi moments. I'm just now getting to Shirayuki's first meeting with Prince Raji. I should be done with the translation very soon. My goal is to get this out by Tuesday.

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