Ouran 82 Update

Update:  No Ouran freebies are included in Lala magazine :(.  Rather, there are merchandise offers in the magazines.  So far there’s a set of stamps and the drama CD.  I will ask Akadot if they will be offering any of the Ouran goodies for sale.

As I predicted the Lala 10 release date and delivery truck schedule will not align favorably.  As I result, indeed, I will not get the Ouran 82 raw until Wednesday.  I’m so bummed because I want to know how Ouran will end just as much as you all do.  Anyhow, this means I’m sticking to a release date of August 30 :(.  If you can’t wait, I’m sure another version will be available well before the 30th.  Rest assured, though, I will be translating Ouran 82 and releasing it ASAP in all it’s lovely glory ;p  Until then, please enjoy our other series and one-shots, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll squeeze out a little treat before I get started on Ouran.

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