Hana to Akuma Chp 54 Spoilers + Hana Kimi News

I got Hana to Yume Issue 19 today.

The freebie is a pair of Monochrome Kids paper clips:

Here’s the latest on Hana to Akuma:

Here are a few of the key pages that summarize the events in “Hana to Akuma” Chp 54 (Sorry for the ever changing summary that I wrote earlier).
Links to the Hana to Akuma Chp 54 Highlights:  (Zip)(PDF)

There’s nothing about how many chapters are left in the series.

Other news: there’s a new volume of “Hana Kimi” coming out.  It’s called “Hana-Kimi: Afterschool.”  It appears to be a compilation of the extra stories that came out after the official end of the series.

I wonder if this means there will be a Viz version for the US?  That would be wonderful :)!

2 thoughts on “Hana to Akuma Chp 54 Spoilers + Hana Kimi News

  1. “… Hana, why did you turn into Nigou ?” … LOL

    This chapter seems so sweet! With what happened in the latest chapters, I think we have all been looking forward to this chapter very much.
    Thanks for the preview. The opening colour page is gorgeous!
    I'm so happy this manga got licensed in France! >__<

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