Seirei Produce Hiatus Update

After chapter 6 “Seirei Produce” is on indefinite hiatus.  I checked the mangaka’s website and I didn’t see any information on when the series will resume.  All it said is that the series isn’t finished.  We will complete the translation through chapter 6 and then resume the translation once the series starts up again.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long so people don’t lose complete interest in the story.  The series will be replaced by one-shots until it resumes.

2 thoughts on “Seirei Produce Hiatus Update

  1. Oh no, it's even worse than a break – it's on hiatus! 😦 Is there a reason why it's on hiatus? I began to like it a lot and now this is happening… just my luck ^^'

    I've read her blog now, I think she wrote that she's thinking of continuing it in winter or early next year…

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