Pika Ichi Chapter 2

Finally! Here’s “Pika Ichi” chapter 2! I really like this series so we will be taking it on as a project. Tarou is awesome!

Links to “Pika Ichi” chapter 2: (Zip)(PDF)

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I’m still in the depths of PC woes, I’m pushing back Seirei Produce chapter 5 to give me time to resolve my problems.  A cautionary tale to everyone:  not all scanlators are nice.  Some are baiting you with manga to do very bad things to your computers.   Please run “no script” through whatever browser you’re using.

14 thoughts on “Pika Ichi Chapter 2

  1. Thank you so much I'm so looking forward to this new chapter! Thank you for your hard work and dedication I really appreciate it! I wish you good luck with all your troubles!

  2. Love it so much! I can't wait for Tarou & Hanako to have feelings for each other and for all the cute shoujo moments to start (I sense it'll probably take some time, though). Thanks for translating such an interesting series and all the best to you! x3

  3. hooray! so glad you (and hyper parfait) decided make Pika Ichi a project. I've liked it even more after chapter 2…
    hope the PC problems get resolved fast. gotta install NoSCript myself now too…

  4. @Hana — hmm…I wonder if they will become a romantic pair. There's no doubt Tarou likes Hanako — and then there's Manaka. I sorta don't want to the story to get wrapped around a romance.

    @Yambasket — It looks like my PC problems are coming to a happy ending.

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