New Series: "Magnolia" Chapter 1

Here it is! Magnolia! There’s so much good stuff coming from Aria magazine! It so hard to choose which ones to do. I think, though, looking at the upcoming schedule, until another series ends, we can only do 3 of the 4 series from Aria that we’ve trialed. My current thought is to put off “Iiki no Ki” until the schedule loosens up. Let me know what you think.

Links to “Magnolia” Chp 1 (Zip)(PDF)

Next up is the final chapter of “Ouran High School Host Club.”  Until I get the raw, I will be working on “Orange Chocolate” chapter 17.

24 thoughts on “New Series: "Magnolia" Chapter 1

  1. Say, who's the guy on the right? Is he the glasses-crushing son of General Gilman? If so, we can guess that poor Ayato's going to become a girl. (Though he did have a 'doki' moment there for his cousin…hmmm.)

  2. I got to admit I enjoyed reading magnolia especially the story concept its funny at the same time makes you feel bad for the main charactor, its a choice in which i dont think any guy would want to choose, mind of a guy face of a girl, i wonder what he will choose, probably girl i would assume since he got the face for it lol. Overall I enjoyed reading it, I am looking forward to chapter 2 great choice in manga Omari sisters

  3. I have to admit, this exceeded my expectations, I LOVE IT.

    The concept/story is very interesting, didn't read anything similar, so this is a plus.

    And i like the whole cast so far, which is like VERY rare for me to do, I actually find Lily very like-able(she didn't leave an impression on me while i was cleaning it) ara,ara 😀

  4. That was so awesome, seriously. I love the plot, art, and everything about this manga so far~~Thanks alot for picking this up :]

  5. Argh! I soooo want to read it, but I can't download it, I don't know why, nor could I download Seirei produce… SOb sob… Help pwease?

  6. Ooops… Forget what i said, I miraculously (I think I made a mistake with this word…) found the solution to my problem… (Yes, I know, I am a little stupid sometimes)
    Ahem, in any case, thanks for the hard work!!

  7. I can kinda predict how it's going…Ayato's gonna fall in love with that guy but still ends up being a boy (a miracle or something lol). Then pure yaoi XD

  8. *slaps the knee* That was funny. Had me laughing, quite a bit. For him/her to just run in front of the King's council and shout such a question! Ah, good times, good times *wipes tear away*

    Anyway, they seriously have very fluffy eyelashes going on there. My word, how can they even open their eyes!

  9. it says the file is broken when i try to open it, it's just me?

    ps: thanks for picking up this project i'll be looking forward for your work

  10. I just finished reading the first chapter, and it was hilarious. Ayato was making me laugh because he was talking about how his p*nis won't grow. I will be following you for now on and also for the other releases. It's so interesting!

  11. The story is interesting cuz the unfolding factors are
    1) will Ayato be a guy or a girl
    2) who Ayato will love in which gender
    3) why does Ayato remember the general's son
    4) and who is the butler.

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