Orange Chocolate Chapter 17

The Ouran raw delay gave me time to finish “Orange Chocolate” chapter 17. Looking forward, it seems that the whole body-swapping gimmick has been dropped  or forgotten.  We’ll have to see where this goes, but it seems after the next two chapters, “Orange Chocolate” degenerates into a typical high school comedy romance complete with a pointless love-triangle and what appears to a sports festival starting in chapter 21 (???)– UGH-WTH!!!.  This is truly disappointing to me and stinks of the mangaka losing control of the story :(.  Hopefully, this is an indication that things are wrapping up soon before the story completely loses originality and I stop caring.  Anyhow…

Links to Orange Chocolate Chp 17 (Zip) (PDF) updating…

Okay, this time I promise the final chapter of Ouran is up next followed by “Junketsu + Vampire.”

10 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chapter 17

  1. i hear ya… Orange Choco is really great so far, so i really hope it doesn't degenerate either. will trust your decision about this ^^ Thanks for this new chapter!! <3
    (btw I love Magnolia! first time reading naked ape's works. ch1 got me hooked)

  2. thanks for the release =) I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next XD omg…. this chapter brings the excitement that kinda lost in the last few chapters… thank you ❤

  3. It is disheartening to see a series that rises above the cliches only to sink in later chapters. Perhaps the mangaka revives that spark of creativity or has productive times at work to spend time creating more interesting works.
    Thanks for picking up fun stuff.

  4. Hey thansk so much for the new release! I actually quite like how Orange Chocolate is goin. I makes the next chapter more exciting. much appreciated. ^^

  5. This chapter was so cute! I loved it!
    I liked the part with the body swapping. It was original and that's what made me interested in this series at first. However, it would probably have gotten a bit boring if it had continued.
    But a love triangle?! The author could have found something else! There are probably exceptions but most of the time, I'm not very interested in love triangles. Especially in situations like this, when we already know from the start who the girl/guy is going to end up with.
    So I also hope the story will improve again before being spoiled or end soon.
    But so far, this arc is great! >__<

  6. @Caroline — I agree that this arc is great :)! Chapter 18 and 19 are really good and I'm excited about them. I got Chp 22 today and it looks cute…it looks like this arc is about building Chiro's self-confidence and Ritsu coming to some realization of how he can more effective encourage Chiro (he seems over protective.)

  7. Quick comment on a typo! On page 40, instead of “Rice dumpling”, you put in “Rice dumping”! Although I could figure it out, it was a bit “… what? XD”.

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