Kimi ni XOXO on Hiatus

I don’t see a listing for “Kimi ni XOXO” previews for Lala 12 and I haven’t found any news about the continuation of the series.  So, it appears that this series is on hiatus or will be left undone.  I will update the status as soon as I learn anything new.

5 thoughts on “Kimi ni XOXO on Hiatus

  1. I think Mizuno-sensei couldn't make it, busy doing the designs for Haruka 5 along with CGs for Haruka 4 Aizouban >__<"
    Anyway, hope to see “Kimi ni XOXO” back soon. It'd be totally depressing to see “Kimi ni XOXO” end up like “Ousama Game” (which apparently is still left undone) +_+

  2. Wow thats a shame I was getting into the series, hard to believe it went on hiatus or stopped. I hope they bring it back it was a well written series and great art work as well

  3. Well this is disappointing, I was really liking this series. The premise is almost shounen, but it is delivered as a Shoujo. I always find it refreshing to read series that blend that line, as they more often have actual relationship development rather than just set up the characters with whoever they favor at the last minute.(I'm sick of seeing the use of the shitty cliches of “destined lovers” or “true love” be used to as the building blocks of the series, or worse the 'decider' at the end. Most of the time that is just the author being a wanker, the rest it is disney crap.) Here's to hoping this series gets picked back up.

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