Taking Suggestions for a Halloween One-shot

Update:  The special Halloween one-shot will be “Guardian Joker”
I’d like to do a special story for Halloween, so send in your one-shot suggestions and I’ll go digging through my bookshelves.  Also, you can start sending in suggestions for Christmas or Winter themed one-shots.

7 thoughts on “Taking Suggestions for a Halloween One-shot

  1. Does the one shot has to be halloween related? I flipped through the latest copy of lala dx and I saw a one shot which (sort of) remind me of Beauty and the Beast. It's on page 699 of lala dx. Sorry, I can't read japanese so I do not know the title of the one-shot.

    Otherwise you may consider the one shot by the author of Library War? It's on page 116 of lala dx too. (:

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