Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 19 (Final)

Here’s the final chapter of “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen.”  Thanks for sticking with me on this one.  I started translating this series at chapter 4.  Back then I was just doing summaries.  I’m sad to see this series end, but at the same time, this is great ending.  I’m looking forward to Ogura-sensei’s next series!  There’s contact address on the volume 3 thank you page if you want to write a letter.  If you do send thanks to Ogura-sensei, make sure you buy at least volume of the manga in Japanese.  It would be rude to thank someone for something you didn’t pay for.  Purchase information is here.   I will be getting volume 4 and if there’s any extra material I will translate it.

(Update 10/14/10 — a small change was made to the translation on page 40)
Links to “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen” Chapter 19 + volume 3 Omake (Zip – High Quality) (PDF — convenient)

Next up is Pika Ichi chapter 3!

22 thoughts on “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 19 (Final)

  1. OMG how can it just end like that? >< now that I've lost the pivot of me life what am I gonna do.....and great job doing the scanlations!! Love you guys 😀 (bawling at the same time)

  2. Is there any information about her new series yet?
    Thanks for working on this series. I really enjoyed it. I'm happy the final chapter has been released before the expected date.
    Now I'm getting all excited for Pika Ichi Ch3 😀

  3. I can't believe it ended with the most things i want in an ending, i LOVED IT!!

    – I am so glad the King was alright, even though he only appears once he never fails to amaze me with his conflicting standards.

    – Jeremiah: being evil from the beginning until his turnaround at the last second wasn't expected at all, i didn't think he was THAT determined to trick Johanne until the end. But he does have morals that were reflected in his actions at the last part which was what i hoped for so i am happy with the outcome of his story.

    – Dude with glasses: he can die for all i care, i wasn't expecting anything less than death for that guy which he rightfully deserves.

    – Joshua: To be honest I am not sure what to think about him. He came off as a really ignorant character in the last chapter. Was he really THAT dependable and locked out of the loop to what was happening around him, or was he full aware of it and he is just rolling along whit what was he being told to do?? I bet it was the former…
    That being said i am glad he didn't get killed off, he actually had a too good of a conclusion for himself! leaving the fact that he was kicked out of the throne he got himself to live comfortably on a nice island 😮
    And whats up with that nurse/attendant that was with Joshua?! she was actually his wife?!? wat??!? did i miss it or was it never stated??? hmm…

    – Daniel becoming the next heir wasn't expected, i always though it would have been either Johanne/his kiddo or Joshua if the story took another route. Daiel defenitly passed over my head in that regard!
    BAM! he is the next king! Me: :O

    – I love, love, LOVVVVE endings with children at the end! I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! but are you sure he is a boy?? why was he in a girl's get up(by what the author portrait the character's clothes) lol??

    I am pretty happy that the manga ended in a narratively satisfying fashion with everything tied up with a neat little bow :>

  4. Thanks for the release! I'm really sad as well to see ZHD end,it was such a funny and heartwarming manga! But I'm glad the author was able to wrap it up nicely (what a cute baby they had!! ba-bu ^^). I'm already looking forward to the author's next work 🙂

  5. thank you so much for finishing ZHD >.< thank you for your hardwork ^^ and now, i just wait ZHD publish in my country, so i can have both of softcopy and hardcopy ^^v

  6. @Silver Lunar — I thought it was a girl too. I was quite surprised to read “son” since the child is dressed like a girl.

    The King — I think he's a loving parent regardless of what his children do.

    Jeremiah — I really didn't want him to be evil all at. I wanted him to be good and hiding it.

    Claspel — I wanted an execution.

    Joshua — Desperate and stupid, but I'm glad he has Anna. Since Anna is the Prince's Consort, he must have married her after losing the right of succession.

    Daniel — I think Admiral Magdal should have been declared Queen Magdal. That would have been awesome!

    I loved the way this series ended! Ogura-sensei did a great job!

  7. That wedding photo was priceless with them getting married and holding their son, so apparently she got pregnant that one night together if you add all the months that passed by and the fact she was seperated. Wow that picture of them holding the baby was priceless, and the ending was perfect with them fighting lol. With Daniel becoming king was unexpected but than again expected, all johnasamma wanted was his wife and didnt want to become king, he looked so happy holding his wife and son. I think it was a perfect ending to a great story.

  8. One question that comes to mind is why such a great series ended at Chapter 19, this story could of easily been taken futher and or developed more at least following their lives.

  9. @Daniela — Greetings! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @Anonymous — chapter 19 does seem like a random number of chapters. The story seems complete to me, so I guess there's no need to continue. Hopefully, Ogura-sensei will bring up another great series soon :). And there might be some extra stories included in the chapter 4 book.

  10. Thank you so much for your hard work on this series!!! I'm sad that ZHD is over but it was a wonderful and satisfying ending!!!

  11. This has become my favorite series after all that is has gone through. It deserves so much love and I'm so happy you picked it up until the very so-freaking-adorable end 😀

    BTW Joshua had said before that he married a girl for the Country's sake so I guess Anna was always his wife, even if she just seemed like his assistant to me until the very last chapter XD And it seems like even he will have a happy ending if he manages to fall for her (with how she blushed, I think he has a chance 😛 )

  12. @Anonymous — I went back and looked and yes, to avoid forging an alliance with Canaan, he took Anna as a bride. It's in Chapter 15. I flubbed that part, but just I updated it. I feel bad for causing confusion :(. I remember having trouble with it, but now 6-months later, it's totally clear what it says…sigh…well, I guess I can chalk it up to progress.

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