Joshua’s Wife Explained

I went back and checked on the origins of Anna, Joshua’s wife.  Well I confused “anna-sama” — that high society person way over there which I took to mean Josuha (a complete brain fart — it truly makes no sense that way) — with Anna-sama — a high society women named Anna.  UGH!!!!  I’m so sorry!!!  And I’m terribly embarrassed!  So… with one confused word, Anna’s whole back-story disappeared.  Anyhow…I corrected it and uploaded a new version of chapter 15. 

Here’s the important page explaining Anna (Click on image to see full-sized):

Updated ZHD Chp 15 (Link)

4 thoughts on “Joshua’s Wife Explained

  1. I got that already from the first version when Joshua was comparing himself to Johanne with: “he didn't have to marry a woman he didn't love.” So since then, I somehow knew Anna was Joshua's wife.. Anyway, it looks like it in the omake, but i do hope their marriage becomes happier =]

  2. @Jae — indeed, that was in a conversation between Claspel and Joshua in chapter 13. By the way she acts and by the way Joshua treats her, in that chapter I totally missed that the freckled woman was Joshua's wife. She acts too much like a servant. I agree that the volume 3 omake makes their relationship much clearer. I wonder, though, why the relationship wasn't reinforced at the King's birthday party?

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