Pika Ichi Chapter 3

Here’s “Pika Ichi” chapter 3. Hopefully, this series is not settling into a pattern. Hopefully, things will get shaken up a bit in chapter 4. I would like to see some deep meaning to Dougen’s actions other than he’s just mean and controlling. Question to you all: Is the girl at the end sincere or a “honey trap?”

Links to “Pika Ichi” chapter 3 (Zip) (PDF)

Next up is “Akagami no Shirayukihime” chapter 21 followed by the first chapter of “Zoo: Kemono Kingdom.”  Aria 12 is on order and should be arriving in my hot little hands on November 1.  I’m also looking forward a batch of new one-shot possibilities from “The Hana to Yume” magazine which will be arriving with Aria 12.

9 thoughts on “Pika Ichi Chapter 3

  1. thank you so much for scanlating this project!!! 😀 i love it so far but I have a feeling it's going to be one of those slow-developing plots, like Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, based mostly on humor (i would like to see more romance between the suzuki-sans personally!! hee). I don't like that girl at the end, she better not join the team and turn this into a love triangle!!!

  2. When you said “pattern” you mean the recruiting the protagonists part? well we are at the beginning so we are still being introduced to the whole cast, besides it was really a pretty great read, i like it alot!

    The girl at the end of the chapter doesn't seem like a trap to me, don't know why though, maybe because of the pigtails, gives her an innocent look~

    Dougen has a nice computer screen, i am jealous 😡

  3. Wow great chapter, thankyou Omari sisters. Wow im in shock that school is run almost like a mob with captains, LT's and Boss, its interesting they are being chased, mocked and people using weapons all because they want the people to follow the schools, somehow I get the feeling the bad boss in this story, I dont think he had a choice about university I think he was forced to come there and in his way of getting back at I guess his family and society he started the whole bully system, I get that feeling the bully system has a root to it

  4. @Anonymous — the yazuka/gangster parallel you point out is interesting. I think it would be funny if the story arrives to a point where there are rival “gangs” at the school.

    As for Dougen (道玄) — the kanjis that compose his name mean path or teachings + mysterious or occultish. Kinda sounds scary to me. but at the same time indicates that there may be “a method to his madness.”

    @Silver Lunar: the pattern I'm detecting
    1. Bullying then retaliation
    2. Students tell the Suzukis to stop while at the same time one of them asks for help.
    3. Bullying again, but this time they threaten a girl.
    4. Tarou goes ape-sh** on the bullies and tells then not to harm girls.
    5. Another student is converted to wearing delinquent fashion.

  5. That new girl reminds me of the girl from Dengeki Daisy who dated Arai sensei. (Sorry I can't remember the name.) They look too similar.

    I'm definitely thinking that Dougen is behind the bullying because he wants to make his dad's school look bad because he couldn't go overseas to that university. What a brat. Hopefully our trio (foursome?) can knock some sense into that guy.

  6. I clarified the translation on pg 15 because I think what I originally wrote gave the wrong impression. The boy is saying that Dougen is a super elite and could enter a prestigious abroad, but instead he's at Aidane because he is the son of the chairman. Is there some reason Dougen's father wants him at Aidane? Is he trying to “purify” Aidane because he's an elitist. And if he's a super elite and feeling pressure from his father, why isn't he bullying personally?

    This all reminds me of a documentary I recently watched about stressed. It talked about how in human and monkey societies, the people at the top are the least stressed, while the people at the bottom are the most stressed. The basic outcome of the featured study was that, indeed, the proverbial sh^^ does roll down the hill. A lot of what I saw in that documentary is being played out in this series so far. If you want to see the documentary too, it's on Netflix on-demand. It's called “Stress: Portrait of a Killer.” Link: http://tiny.cc/stressdocu

    I wonder will this series outcome end be like the outcome of the baboon troupe who's alpha males got killed off.

  7. Thank so much for all the work you do,and to bring us these interesting projects,which otherwise i could not read,thanks

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