Favorite New Series Poll Results and "Pika Ichi"

Here are the results of the poll about what your favorite new series is:

Magnolia 28% (87 votes)
Pika Ichi 26% (80 votes)
Junketsu + Vampire 46% (145 votes)

I’m not surprised that “J+K” won by a wide margin. However, I am surprised at how closely “Magnolia” and “Pika Ichi” are.  The main reason I put out this poll was to gauge “Pika Ichi.”  I felt the first two chapters were great, but I was greatly let down by the third chapter and I see a very mediocre and predicable path ahead for the series.  My mentality always seeks what’s optimum, so if it’s not working for me and the other group members, and, I see a better opportunity, I’m inclined to go for for new opportunity.  And so the question for me is whether to continue along with “Pika Ichi” or take a chance on another series?  I do have another series in mind and it’s one with more action and intrigue.  At the same time, though, I hate to subject the readers of this blog to my whims.  The ideal solution would be for us to pass “Pika Ichi” off to another group who feels passionately about the series.  If you belong to or know of another group that would like take over “Pika Ichi” please contact me via the “Contact” link at the top of this blog.  In the mean time, we will continue “Pika Ichi,” but the release schedule will not be as regular.

12 thoughts on “Favorite New Series Poll Results and "Pika Ichi"

  1. huh
    seriously you are unpredictable with your choices.

    despite the fact that 90% of high school setting mangas have a looping scenario anyway, some have their charm i think?

    Oh check this everyone likes Vampire stories hurrr durrrrr

  2. @Silver Lunar — *Blows a kiss*
    Yeah, I'm frustrating like that. I'm even frustrating myself right now. A few months ago I said to myself that I would avoid manga with high school settings, but then the first chapter of “Pika Ichi” was so interesting…sigh…why couldn't they actually be the children of Yakuza!!!!!????? That would have been AWESOME!!! But alas…they're wannabes…sigh…

    As for random…wait until you see “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” That is some random-sh**!!! Too bad it's not a one-shot.

  3. I have the same impression with the lastest chapter of PI, so if you really have another serie in mind (I count on the “more action” XDDD) go with it!!!!!. And is also a good idea to pass pika ichi to another group, for the fans of this manga.
    I'll be fine with wathever decision you make, you make really good decisions, so… go with wath you really think best for the blog and the staff :). (If you don't really are completely into working in PI, because you really lost some interest in the manga, then it will reflect in the work you do, at least is what I think… So do what you think is best :P)

  4. @Stephie — we will continue “Pika Ichi” until it finds a new home. It's just that it will become a low priority for the group. Hopefully, we can find a new home for the series quickly. I think Aya-chan expressed my concern best. If we don't feel passion for the series, then we will not do our best work. That's not fair to the work or to the fans.

  5. I think you should do as you wish. Scanlation is all about liking what you do after all.
    As for me, I like Pika Ichi. So far, I have enjoyed reading it. But I agree with you. It's not an awesome series neither.
    However, the first chapters of Magnolia were great. So far, I particularly like this series. Even if it's only the beginning , I think a shoujo manga done by Naked Ape is bound to be intriguing. So I look forward to what's going to happen next.
    My interest in J+K grew recently too. I'm really fed up with vampire stories but I began to read Barajou no kiss, another work of the author, and I liked it.

  6. Ah, well. You already know my thoughts on this, hehe.

    I actually predicted that Magnolia will be the loser in the poll…. because I think fans of those sister mangaka are greater in number compare to naked ape fans o_o… I guess I was wrong… I'm so happy I was wrong. =P

  7. I would agree with your assessment of Pika Ichi. (Actually, I didn't like it at the get go…)

    I'm glad your still scanning Magnolia though, I personally prefer it over J+K.


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