Halloween Special Feature #1: "Furou Kyoudai"

Here is the first of our Halloween special one-shots — “Furou Kyoudai” (“The Furou Siblings”).  There are actually two versions of this one-shot.  I choose to do the short version for now because I was quite impressed that the mangaka was able to tell a full story in 16 pages.  The longer version is 40 pages and we will release it sometime in November or December.  Anyhow…

Links to “Furou Kyoudai” short version: (Zip) (PDF)

The second of our Halloween special one-shots, “Guardian Joker” will be released very soon.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Special Feature #1: "Furou Kyoudai"

  1. Its actually interesting I can see this one shot becoming a series, it got the whole romantic twist if it wasnt for them being siblings but this would make a great serialization

  2. Really if one sees as a manga for hallowen well at least it it is possible to say with the front page ¡
    Muchisimas thank you ^^ wait to see them again hereabouts ¡
    Regards from chile

  3. Awww what a cute and funny premise. I really enjoyed it. The siblings love (not in an incest way) was adorable. Thank you for releasing this!

  4. Just like you said, this was amazing and I can't wait to see the full-length version of this. Excellent choice for the holidays!

  5. YAY! I love this story xD

    “I was quite impressed that the mangaka was able to tell a full story in 16 pages. “
    === It's actually possible even with 8 pages or less actually. Perhaps it's no longer a surprise to me because I'm already used to the Arcana oneshots, hehe.

  6. Honestly i though it should have been longer, even though it does tell a full story i felt it was rushed and needed more pages, just to get me more attached to it.

    having said that i really liked it! but i wish they explained why the spirits come after them and the spirit get frighted away if the twins are together.

    their relationship was creepy in an adorable way!

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