You MUST Buy Betsuhana 12!

If you love “Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri” then you MUST buy Betsuhana 12 for this premium freebie!

It is 7 x 10-in, 16-pages, and printed on thick semi-gloss (nicely calendered) paper.  Also, a lot of the book is in English.  Hmmm…  Why couldn’t Hatori-sensei give us something like this for Ouran!? 

Link to purchase Betsuna Hana from Amazon Japan.  I’ll put up another link to Akadot once the magazine is in stock.

I will make some wallpaper from this book for the winter holidays :).

Ooh, ooh! And on top of this is the debut of the new series by Chika Shiomi (“Resetsu” and “Yurara no Tsuki”).  It’s called “Yakari Zumu” (please forgive the really awful iPhone picture — two pages together is too big for my scanner):

5 thoughts on “You MUST Buy Betsuhana 12!

  1. Ehh excellent really your ideas seem to me to be very good ^^
    That you have luck of being able to buy the magazines and all that ^^ but muchisimas thank you.
    But there are they winter vacations? That brilliant. Here beginning this one the summer I hate the heat ¡
    Regards from chile

  2. @Brenda — I flipped through the first chapter and it looks quite interesting. I'm thinking of translating the first chapter for myself just to see what it's about. Hopefully one of the groups will pick it up soon.

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