"Seirei Produce" Update #2

I have Asuka 12 and yes, Miyagi Tooko is starting a new series in Asuka 1/2011.  She and another artist/writer are doing yet another retelling of  “The Story of Genji.”  So…I guess after chapter 6, I’ll count “Seirei Produce” as complete.

5 thoughts on “"Seirei Produce" Update #2

  1. What…

    Does the world need MORE retelling of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Tale of Genji???

    it is like.. Japan's history just consist of these two tales…and Three Kingdoms is Chinese even.

    what an ass pull.

  2. I agree!! It was becoming so good. Would you at least release chapter 6? I know it doesn't make sense, but I'm so curious :S (I even wanted to purchase the magazine, but then found out that it went on hiatus =_=)

  3. @Cascade — Yes, we're doing chapter 6. Things kinda got goofy because of winter holiday madness so I didn't know when to schedule it, but it looks like I can squeeze it in this month.

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