"Folklore Reindeer" Postponed

We will not be doing “Folklore Reindeer” at this time.  It’s very challenging to clean and it will swamp us, keeping us from being able to work on other projects. I think what’s best is to release “Folklore Reindeer” with its companion one-shot “Allegoria Lion” sometime later in 2011.  It will be something we’ll work on in the background for now.

3 thoughts on “"Folklore Reindeer" Postponed

  1. I can understand your feelings since Mizuno-sensei's manga are usually nightmares for cleaners and editors, especially SFX >.< I still remember how much my fingers ached from clicking the mouse while editing, they could barely move the next day >_<
    Anyway,glad to hear that you guy will take up the one-shot again the the near future ^^

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