Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 22

Here is “Akagami no Shirayukihime” chapter 22.  I get the impression after reading this chapter that Shirayuki is in no real danger, but rather the folks after Shirayuki are probably Raji’s adoring siblings.  I hope I’m wrong, because if the siblings then I’m going to be SUPER PEEVED.  Anyhow…it would make sense as far a Izana not being all that concerned about the people after Shirayuki.  He’s probably laughing his ass off in the castle as Zen gallops off to the rescue Shirayuki from a 10-year old.

Anyhow, I noticed while cleaning this that the artwork has a more of a “hand drawn” feel than usual.  In that sense the drawings felt very intimate and that was somehow reassuring to me.  I think Shirayuki’s ball gown is elegant in its simplicity.  It kinda makes be want to see her paired up with a guy while wearing it.

With the way this is going, I feel I would be happy if this series ended at chapter 24.  I imagine in the next chapter Zen, with his newly formed nuts, will ask for Shirayuki’s hands and then in chapter 24, they can get married and live happily ever after.  Honestly, I think that’s about all the AnS love I have left in me, so I hope it ends soon instead of dragging on.

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20 thoughts on “Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 22

  1. even if they did get married in chapter 24, I could see the series continuing. the series never relied on “who am I in love with (most)”, or “I hate this guy, but don't even realize how much I love him” tsundere-nish drama. it's always been about, two people falling in love, dealing with the reactions of society and friends, and creating places for each other. There is no reason to believe that this will be suddenly resolved by marriage (not that the marriage would be wonderful). besides we haven't learned anything about obi yet!

    some minor spoilers ahead:
    Also, I honestly don't think that the younger siblings were the people who ordered her kidnapping, at least that they were not involved with the two seen in Clarines: they were introduced to Shirayuki after those two had appeared, and as they don't seem to be the kind of people to send agents into other countries to pick up their brother's mistresses (they do seem like the kind to try and keep her there because they think they she is a good influence on Raji, but they don't seem to have made that judgement [or indeed meet her] until this chapter).

    to be honest what would peeve me the most would be the existence of some kingdom whose royalty has red hair: possibly related to the two who were/are searching for shirayuki. it would be a cop out: the author would be effectively admitting that he (she? I don't know) could not think of a way for the zen and shirayuki to be together, and would rather use a deus ex machina than have the relationship proceed on a natural, but unhappy course.

  2. @saganatsu — I'm still holding out for Shirayuki to be the daughter of the Pirate King.

    But…take a look at the end of chapter 20. The pretty boy talks about returning to Tanburn and at the beginning of chapter 21 Rona's surprised that Shirayuki was invited to the castle. How else would the pretty boy learn that Shirayuki is in Tanburn other than a message from Tanburn…???

    And about Obi…Obi isn't a main character, so there's no reason to focus on him.

    I don't know how the story would continue on from here. There's not much political intrigue in their world. It seems to me that Zen's biggest obstacle to love is Izana and he just toppled Izana by finally clearly stating his intentions with respect to Shirayuki.

  3. I don't think it would end in chapter 24. There are a lot of twists that popped up in this chapter. Like Obi and Prince Raji dropping a hint that they like her. It would be too frivolous if they disappeared because of the siblings, but this idea isn't quite bad ^^
    Thanks for your hard work as ever.

  4. i'd say that ch. 22 ending was the most intriguing so far. the pretty boy must have came with his companion for they managed to take obi with them as well. i wondered though, what made raji storm into shirayuki's room? hmmm, zen's rivals are increasing day by day.

    @omari's sister- what do you mean with shirayuki being a daughter of a pirate king? although i have to say that the idea of a royal family with red hair wouldn't make sense as they should be well known at least among the nobles and such. still, it would be a big disappointment if that's the case.
    gah, the cliffhanger is killing me until the next chapter comes out. thanks for all your hard work for sharing AnS with us!

  5. @Ai Sakura — the “Pirate King” thing is a joke. It's just me thinking of a way to spice the story up.

    As for pretty boy is a sibling theory:

    page 30 — the kids and some guy are planning to stage something.

    page 23 — Rona says “it's going to be difficult”

    Raji's running either because he got Izana's message or the kids have launched their plan…

  6. That brilliant that allas raised I agree on other one o.o.
    Some time ago that not wise something of this history and of some form makes me happy to know that estan continuing does it pinch not? ^^
    Thank you for raising another chapter ¡
    Regards from chile

  7. Thanks for the new chapter! I see that volume 5 is out so I'm gonna get that as soon as I get some money lol.

    My theory: The pretty boy is another one of Raji's siblings.

  8. If i ordered a magazine from the sanseido book store online right now, would i get the dec issue or the january issue??

    I want the january issue.

  9. @Anonymous — Lala DX is bi-monthly magazine, so the current one is the December issue. The next issue doesn't come out into February. My guess will be the December issue, but you should call the bookstore and make sure.

  10. i'm kind of hoping izana has to bail out zen and shirayuki won't return to the castle. haha the obi developement had me jumping up and down because he's my favorite. haha i've got a thing for ninjas 🙂
    but yeah i think it will continue for awhile unless it's getting the axe and the author needs to tie things up real quick.

  11. I'm sorry to say this on something you've spent so much time working on but the story is so weak… like you said I'd be happy if the girl turns out to be some pirate king's daughter. I still keep reading it in hope of something to happen though, and the art is quite clear.

    Thank you for translating the series!

  12. Saganatsu: I don't think its a cop out. IF anything, Shirayuki being a princess would make it so she is unable to be with zen. I think she is trying to find another reason for why they CAN'T be together, since the brother is now out of the way. Shirayuki may be betrothed to another already from her home country.

  13. Would the development of Shirayuki being a princess really be a 'cop out'?

    The story is called,'the redheaded princess'. Her being a princess shouldn't really be a surprise.

    Should it?

    I personally don't think so. Guess that's just me though.

    I'm not one for over the top dramatics. This story is awesome because it almost always comes to a conclusion before starting up something new.

    And I love the fact that this isn't anything like 'Goong'. The guy and girl in this are both reasonable and sweet to each other.

    Guess I'm also one of the few that doesn't mind how long it drags out. It doesn't really feel like anything is being dragged out to me though.

  14. am i the only one thinking that this story is going to go on for another while BECAUSE she's probably the princess of some sort of other kingdom? she was brought up by her grandparents…so what if her mother wasn't royalty? would explain alot. and she's probably crown princess if you see that Kid who kidnaps her as her younger brother. which will probably also lead to problems with tanburn, because marrying the first born prince is better than marrying the second born. okay…if she really were crown princess then zen would be the better match (okay he is anyway) because he won't be kong of clarines because he's second born…Okay…I'm confusing myself here…

  15. What I think the twins meant by “it's going to be difficult” is that it would be difficult to keep Shirayuki in Tanburn with their brother because Obi was there with her; not because they ordered a kidnapping on her. Besides, we saw the pretty boy with Mihaya long before the twins ever got wind that Shirayuki was coming to the castle. 🙂

    What I'm hoping for right now is that we're going to get some serious adventure out of this story; I honestly hope that Shirayuki and Obi get taken to a pirate ship or something and they have to find a way to escape, all the while with Zen coming after them. I also think that Shirayuki is the daughter of a king or pirate king or something; she lived with her grandparents. We have yet to even hear about her actual parents.

    I hate to say it, but I really hope that Obi and Shirayuki have a bucketload of moments together soon 😀 Obi is my FAVORITE! And I think Obi is a main character as of this new volume; I also think that he's soon going to be pivotal in the plot, and I can't WAIT for the next chapter ohmygoodness!!

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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