February is Shot to Hell

Update:  Jury duty postponed until March!
I got a Federal Jury Duty notice today for the month of February…I’ll do what I can while waiting…but, I plan on most of February and the beginning of March being mostly manga-less…BUT it is an honor to serve my fellow citizens in this way.

5 thoughts on “February is Shot to Hell

  1. Checked on the web to see what is it that you are supposed to do in these Jury duties, kinda interesting, and a lot of thought that you should pull off.

    The interesting part was most of my search results were of people that ask how to get out of these jury duties 😛

  2. I have had jury duty several times, but I've only actually been called into the court room once and then was quickly dismissed for being unfit for the case. People try to get out of jury duty because unless you are on an actual case, you wait in the court facility all day. Also, most hourly workers don't get paid for jury duty, so it hurts them financially. But at my old job, we were paid full wage for jury duty, so many people saw it as paid vacation and some would volunteer to be on long and complicated cases so they could do something other than work.

    Everyone I know who has ever been on a case said that jury duty was a rewarding experience. To be honest, I'm a little scared of that kind of responsibility, that's why I think it's an honor as a citizen to be able to do it. The waiting, though, SUCKS!!! I pray they have Internet access so I don't completely lose my mind.

  3. 41 years old and I've NEVER been called to jury duty… of course, it'd be interesting as long as it weren't a capital murder case. I'd have a hard time looking at pictures of a gruesome crime scene… or I guess a sexual assault trial or a child molester case would also be difficult. But regular crime, I'd do it! 😀 …not that I've ever been called. I think my attitude would be like yours, but also, I stay at home to work, so that's easier for me to say than an hourly rate person. Best wishes for a speedy but interesting case!

  4. @Anonymous — my experience has been that the courts know that trials for violent crimes or complex financial crimes will be long-term. They don't tell you specifically what the case is, but during jury selection they do ask if people want to volunteer to be on a case that could go on potentially for months. In that sense you do have some say as a potential juror. It always surprises me when people volunteer for that kind of commitment.

    I agree with you about the gruesome and traumatic stuff. I can't handle blood and I don't even want to think about people who hurt children. Those kinds of things upset me way too much too.

  5. Good luck. I think jury duty is one of the few ways US citizenship allows you a real say in moving the country forward. (Voting helps, but when you live in a small state like I do, everyone already knows how the ellectoral college will swing.)

    In the few times I've been called in, the cases were settled when both sides took a look at the jury pool. I kind of wonder if we looked too smart, too stupid,…

    I'm told that telling the attorneys you believe in jury nullification will get you out of it fast.

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