Pika Ichi Chapter 5 — A lot Better than chapters 3 and 4

Pika Ichi is always such a long slog!  Fortunately, this chapter is much better than chapters 3 and 4, except for idol chick.  She really needs to go away.  Anyhow… in this chapter Dougen finally enters the scene and he may be as some of you expected.  I think most of us are hoping for a Tarou-Hanako-Dougen love triangle.  That could be interesting, but Tarou’s heart is fragile and I would hate to see him suffer.

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Spoilers Ahead!!!
The question for me after reading this chapter is what to do with Ibuki.  In a way I see this kinda heading towards a suicide attempt and then redemption.  But what will Hanako do?  Will she turn Ibuki in or cover for her?  Will Dougen do anything to Ibuki?  And then there’s the question of Dougen.  If there is going to be a love triangle, then will Hanako have split feelings between Tarou and Dougen or will Dougen’s feeling be one-way.  What will happen to make us the reader like Dougen?  I’m also still curious about Misono.  Is he just Dougen’s yes-man and friend, or he the one who’s truly behind the order to bully students?  There’s a weird kinda of royalty vibe going on there with respect to Dougen.  Misono acts as though it will somehow sully Dougen to be seen.  Is it a royalty thing or is Misono trying to hide Dougen or hide something from Dougen?  Certainly, that Sakahashi guy is gunning for power, but I have to ask myself why.  What good is bullying the other students?  It seems to me that people like that are just plain antisocial.  Sakahashi sucks.  He gets the boo-boo face from me.

Enough of my rambling…next up is “Zoo”!  Chapter 2 feature a dormouse and a rabbit.  I’ve begun the translation and so far it cute and funny.  If you like chapter 1, then you won’t be disappointed with chapter 2 :).

19 thoughts on “Pika Ichi Chapter 5 — A lot Better than chapters 3 and 4

  1. From Nat.chan: Pika ichi! *O*… Thank you! So, About your comment I think that Hanako will cover up to Ibuki … but at the same time someone will denounce it … [I knew she wasn't a good person … u.u] can be Dougen or Tarou … About the romance, I don't like love triangles, I always feel bad for who will be alone, but I think it will happen eventually … I think the Dougen has a side that will draw attention from Hanako … and she'll be divided by the two … although she still feels nothing at Tarou … for now … but I'm glad that the two are meeting more and realizing that the look good together … About Misono, it must be a childhood friend who cares a lot about him because he knows his motive to be that way or know of the problem that he haves … Hanako by what appears will be taken to the Dougen's House … Tarou will try to save her … but at the same time will not be much need… because will not do anything to her … [I think …]… I'm looking forward to the next chapter =D

  2. Thank you very much for translating, scanning etc this series and for all the work and effort you do,thanks.
    I hope you spend a happy holidays.
    Merry Christmas from Spain 🙂

  3. This chapter was very refreshing from the previous agonies we faced…xD Since it showed more of Dougen and had some good plot twists, I was very happy. Overall, there weren't any 'weird' things that happened, maybe except that Dougen decided to kidnap Hanako. Unless that situation's handled very well by the mangakas, I doubt a sensible outcome would be drawn out of that. :/ (What an evil cliffhanger!)

    And hell yes! I have more reasons to hate Ibuki Mamoru now, apart from the fact that she's a stereotypically stupid idol. Hah! I liked the part about her family, though. They seem to genuinely love her very much. Oh, and I hate the fact that she's called Mamoru, since there's a character that I adore by the same name. >___< How dare she frame Hanako?! Stupid b*tch. How would Hanako react to the fact that somebody who she thought was her friend did that to her? I have a horrible feeling that she'd cover up for Ibuki, though. Also, I think that Tarou would be more wary of Ibuki after this incident. Maybe he'll even get pissed off at her (hopefully). I don't think Hanako is going to develop any feelings for Dougen yet. Maybe later, after more interaction between them, and I think I already like Dougen's character much now. He doesn't seem to be the rotten-egg type of character – just cold and unconcerned. I'm curious about Misono as well, and will be looking at developments yet to occur to decide anything about him. Of course Sakahashi sucks. He gets the boo-boo face from me too. Dang, have I blabbered. I think I'll end it here… 😀 I liked the fluffy moments between the two Suzukis~ They're cute together.

  4. @Noir — I agree about the Suzuki-pair moments. I don't see how after moments like those, Hanako couldn't feel something for Tarou. Tarou's so adorable and sweet. I really don't want to see him heartbroken…

  5. @k003: Me neither. But now that Dougen's become involved, it seems almost inevitable that there's going to be some huge issues between the three. Nevertheless, I like the fact that even though Hanako's oblivious to Tarou's feelings, she's very thankful for his kindness, and appreciates it fully. Nice girl~ 🙂

  6. Thx for releasing this, BUT do i see right? The next chapter comes out on 28.12.2011? I hope this is just a mistake, or my head i gonna explode cause we havta wait that long x_x

  7. I really hope there is NO love triangle, I hate them. But I don't think there will be because Hanako doesn't seem like the wavering lovey-dovey blush-every-second type. Dougen actually might end up with Ibuki, I get that feeling. xD Thanks for this chapter! I like this manga.

  8. That emotion seems that after so many battles and problems, empesara the romance ¡
    That good to meet hereabouts
    I hope that it fences in you very well.
    Regards chile

  9. hi!!!! i like your blog, i like this manga and i hope you translate this thanks for your job is realy good thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Thanks for the chapter. The power combo sisters are great together. I'm going to buy this series when it comes out in stores where i live =D
    I love your blog too. I like how your spoiler comment has some intriguing information/questions.
    The Suzuki pair is so interesting and funny. The doctor is a nice touch to their pair xD
    once again, THANK YOU =D

  11. Thank you! The previous chapters had disappointed me but this one was great. I like Dougen. I wonder what development he will get. I'm looking forward to it!

  12. After reading every chapter, I would scream MORE!!! But right now there is no more. I'll just wait. I'm addicted to this one.

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