"Yukarism" Preview

Here is a preview of the one of our new series for 2011 called “Yukarism”.  It’s by Chika Shiomi the author of “Yurara” and “Rasetsu”.  This is only a preview so it hasn’t been QC’ed or proofread yet. Please forgive any typos or errors I haven’t caught yet.  Hopefully, this little preview will give you some idea about the quality of the artwork (actually, I’ve saved the best parts because there are some stunningly gorgeous pages that I want to leave as a surprise) and a feel for the main characters.  I’m already very fond of the maid.

(Click on the images to see them full-size).

We are aiming to release the full 52-page chapter on January 22nd.  Please feel free to give us some early feedback.

20 thoughts on “"Yukarism" Preview

  1. If romance is involved, I would really like this series. (There's this cutesy addiction in me haha)
    The story idea is something new and I like it. *w* The remembering back and past life thing, I mean.
    I was skeptic at first but now I can't wait to read this!
    52 pages will give a profound impression.

  2. I am ADDICTED to the past life/Reincarnation lore, I LOVE these!! (even though i can't find alot of stories around this idea, If anyone knows, DO TELL!) Never knew this was about this!

    I am TOTALLY interested!

  3. Looking forward to this 😀 I really like some of this mangaka's other works. I hope there's some romance & supernatural stuff happening too, Love those genres <3. Will you be posting a description/synopsis of this series? Anyways thanks for bringing us another great series; I'm already sold on the art. 😛

  4. You already know what I think about this but I'll just say I'm glad you got to this before anyone else!

    @SilverLunar: I haven't read this myself but NG Life has a past life story.

  5. @Silver Lunar — I don't know if you access to American movies, but if you do, rent to view a movie called “Dead Again”. It's a story about a reincarnated couple who in their past life, on murdered the other. It's REALLY good.

    I'll give some thought to other manga series with reincarnation themes.

  6. I like some of her series, but.. there's something about this one that I'm not sure about… Hrm. I don't know. ::shrugs:: I'll still give it a go, though. Thank you for the preview.

  7. @Tin — I like “Yurara” a lot, but I didn't like “Rasetsu”. I've done a quick read of the 3 chapters that are out already, and so far I like this one better than “Yurara”. I have high hopes. It's a good mix of humor, romance, drama, and mystery so far.

  8. @Kuma-chan: Oh! I think i will check it out, it is super cheap from buyers on Amazon ($0.50!!, but i'll wait until i recharge my Master Card first 😛 i just recently used it and there is little left in it :S

  9. As a fan of Chika Shiomi, I look forward to future installments. It looks great. 🙂

    Also, I've always thought that falling asleep in chairs only gives you back pain.

  10. @K3 :: Hmm, how amusing. I didn't like Yurara, but I liked Rasetsu ::laughs:: Well, now that I've read it, it's plausible that I'll like it a lot. But, I'll wait and see.

  11. wow thank you soooo much for translating this~!!! it's really interesting!!! I look forward for the 52 pages kyaaa~

  12. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT ha ah ah
    hanks for translating such a GREAT MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you guys!!!! i mean we dont get manga here!!!!!

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