Winter One-Shot #2: "His and Her Sleepless Winter"

Here is the second of our winter one-shots, “Kare to Kanojo no Futomin” or “His and Her Sleepless Winter”.  I really like this story and I wish I saved it for Valentine’s Day, because I don’t think the one-shot I’ve selected can compare in sweetness and romance.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see :).  “Ginrou no Sakura” has a completely different set of “charm points” and will appeal for different reasons than this one-shot.  Getting out of the weeds and back to the story at hand:

Links to “His and Her Sleepless Winter”:  (Zip — High Quality) (PDF — medium quality but convenient)

Our last winter one-shot, “World End Garden”, will be released mid-March.

Next up are the debuts of our two new series “Yukarism” and “The Ghost Apartment Manager”.  Please look forward to them!

20 thoughts on “Winter One-Shot #2: "His and Her Sleepless Winter"

  1. That is the first time I ever saw a story line about human hibernation, very weird to say the least I was expecting sometype of supernatural thing but all it was about was human hibernation. I feel cheated I liked the story, when it leaves off we have until spring to figure it out, i can see a series in which we see them interacting all winter long until that faithful spring day in which they have a plan/ i would definatly vote on this one shot to become a series it has alot of potential in terms of story development

  2. I was rather disappointed by this to be honest, I kinda agree with Anonymous Post 1, i kinda feel cheated that there was nothing more to the Human hibernation that really was interesting.
    Though i didn't know what to expect in the first place so…

  3. @Anonumous and Silver Lunar — Haha! I don't know how much story you can get out of people going to sleep for 3 months. I guess you guys want to know how humans would handle hibernation. Would they fatten up like animals? Who makes sure the houses stay warm while everyone sleeps? What about security? It's an interesting thought experiment.

    I think, though, that this is a story that is focused on the couple with human hibernation as part of the setting.

  4. Comments from the Chatbox from Noir

    Noir: I just read “His and Her Sleepless Winter”, and it's really adorable! Thanks for bringing the scans for us. I feel that the one-shot was well-planned, instead af carrying that randomness that usually comes with fluffiness. That's why I loved it~ Also looking forward to the new series from you. Since you're going forward with them, I take that they're good reads?

  5. OOhh ! It was so cute ! Right strange because of the hibernation but the idea was great I think !

    I have to ask something very important ! Can I translate it in french for my team ?
    Ah first, I'm MimiAlock from Shiro-To-Kuro ( I really loved this one shot so it'll be a pleasure for me to tranlate it in french and like that, other people can read it =D

    Your credits will stay 😉

    You can answer me here :

    Thank you very much and good luck for your futures releases =D I'm waiting to read =D

  6. Firstly, many thanks for bringing out this project. 🙂

    On the other hand, I actually liked the one-shot, though as Anonymous said it has a lot of potential in becoming a series, but at the same time I like it as is. I thought the characters were quite…loveable and although the story did center with human hibernation I found it did a good job with it (at least to work with the storyline). 🙂

    Thanks again. 😀

  7. I can't seem to download this file, both the PDF and the zip. My computer says it doesn't exist/ is corrupted. Any suggestions?

  8. Well, it was adorably cute. But, like Anonymous 1 and SL I was expecting something supernatural. I, do, however like the aspects of the story. Nari-sensei is a good story teller and I enjoy most of her series (sadly, though, I can't seem to get myself to like Two Flowers for a Dragon). So, thank you for this!

  9. Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing. I figured that is why they cut the story off there, the obvious solution wouldn't really fit with the rest of the tone 😛

    It could have if they had made the guy's personality right, but with his personality that would have been out-of-place.

    But that isn't the question that really bothers me. What really bothers me is what they are going to eat. Nobody was expecting them to stay awake, so they wouldn't have stock-piled any food.

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