Lala 3 2011

Lala 3 comes with a Tamaki and Haruhi cellphone fob.  It’s maybe a little over an inch tall (a lot smaller than I expected, but it is for a cellphone ;p).
We will only be translating the Ouran special chapter.
Links to order your own copy:
  • Amazon Japan
  • Akadot (I will add the link when it’s available)

4 thoughts on “Lala 3 2011

  1. Tamaki's hair color is very And didn't Haruhi start to grow her hair out..? ::shrugs:: Oh, well. Thank you for the image!

  2. This is a cute cellphone fob (by the way, I didn't know they were called this) (=^_^=)

    I look forward to your release. Keep up the good work!

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