Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 7 — Dude looks like a Lady!

Here is “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 7.  This is basically a heavily comedic bridge chapter to the next story arc. 

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Spoilers Ahead:
My thoughts on the chapter–

Kana is weird!  She seems to willfully avoid her own sadness and the sadness of others.  It’s not that I believe in dwelling on sadness, but she’s way too Pollyanna-like to stay sane.  I eagerly await the break-down and Aki’s reaction to her breakdown (that is if Shouoto-sensei is brave enough to have Kana breakdown).
In this chapter we are sorta introduced to Kana’s younger brother, Masayuki.  Masayuki has been shut in his room for a year and Kana says it’s been tough (some cracks can be seen in her expression), but then she dumps all of her responsibility for caring for Masayuki on Aki and goes about smiling happily as usual.  Does Aki just realize what happened?
Thinking about Masayuki, is he “N”? or are the they completely unrelated?  When I initially read the story, I didn’t feel the two were related, though, I completely expect Masayuki to be under the influence of a “Stigma”.  So which of the seven deadly sins is he (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony)? Shiranui was “greed”.  Hmm…I think I need more information to make a good guess.  I didn’t think Masayuki could be related to “N” until Tin mentioned it in a comment.  I think, though,  that “N” points toward “pride”.
The Student Council:  Is it just the two of them?  I like the President, but dang!  “Dude looks like a lady!”  I was really struggling during the translation to find some indication of gender.  It took me a while to spot the white pants.  I really, really, what him to be a magical creature — a kitsune specifically.  (Please, please, please!!!), though he reeks of vampire…
I’m looking forward to the story ratcheting up in chapters 8 and 9.  I also hope Dealer shows up again.  He’s fun :).
Next up is our Valentine’s Day special one-shot “Ginrou no Sakura”.  I may be able to sneak in an unfinished one-shot before that release.
Also look out for the first volume of “Junketsu + Kareshi” due to release March 7th!  I will post links to purchase when the volume is available.

13 thoughts on “Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 7 — Dude looks like a Lady!

  1. FFFF-! Why did you have to release today? ;A; I have a midterm in the next few hours, but CANNOT. CONCENTRATE. MUST. RESIST. READING! >__<
    Thank you in advance lol xD


    But I don't really regret it since it was an awesome chapter Lol. Bwahahaha! xDDD

    (And thanks to SilverLunar, I now cannot unsee Gakupo xP)

  3. I've already commented on this (as you well know..lol) but I wanted to respond to what you wrote. ^_^

    I don't know why, but I never got that the stigma's were that. Slow on the uptake is I.. Hrm. But, now that you mention it.. her brother does seem more likely to be sloth then to be 'N'. Hmmmmmmmmmm.. Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

    As for the SC, there HAS to be more then just the two of them. Don't they need a treasurer, secretary, uh.. some other person? I think it was just the two of them there at that moment in time. And as for the President… He DOES look like Gackpo, but I still don't like his hair. Maybe it was just the angle (the way the manga-ka drew it when she first introduced him) but it annoys me.

    Anyway, again thanks for the chapter!

  4. Ohhh, thanks a MILLION for another chapter of this awesome series! I can't wait for the next one… I hope “Dealer” appears again, he's too funny!

  5. I forgot to add, that though I definitely liked this chapter very much, I was a bit disappointed that there were no “Aki sucking Kana's blood” scenes. Seriously, those are the best! *sigh* I swear, as long as there are those kind of scenes regularly (if not monthly) then I'll be a devoted follower of this manga for many, many years to come! 🙂

    Oh, and thanks again for bringing this manga to my attention, you rule, girl!

  6. I just read the chapter!
    I LOVE IT!
    It's great!
    BTW, when will the next chapter come out?
    I'm not rushing you or anything.
    I just want an rough estimate is all.

  7. In my opinion. It's all sort of random. I did a post on mangafox with my opinion. But this manga is sort of irritating me. It moves way too fast. It introduces a character and them they disappear a few pages later. This is not the best Shouoto Aya can do. x-x Barajou no Kiss is a great shoujo, and I'm making comparisons, because this is sort of disappointing me with how she's making the characters superficial and shallow. x-x I don't mean: I only care about looks-shallow. I mean the kind where they don't have much depth and they just fall for the heroine like magic, like they did in this one.

    Thanks for giving your opinion. It's interesting to read opinions of others. It helps give an open mind.

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