We are Dropping "Junketsu + Kareshi"

UPDATE:  WHEN THE NEW GROUP IS READY TO ANNOUNCE THEY’VE TAKEN OVER J+K, WE’LL ANNOUNCE IT HERE TOO.   ——————– We are dropping “Junketsu + Kareshi”.  I’m basically the only person in the group working on that series and I’ve grown tired of the random and amateurish plot despite the pretty pictures.  The beginning of my hatred of this series started at the beginning of chapter 7 when Kana asked “Why don’t we form a club!?”  What the ***!?  I feel like this series was a bait and switch scam.  It started out gritty and dark and Aki was a … Continue reading We are Dropping "Junketsu + Kareshi"

Making Progress!…Maybe???

If we can get the last content farm to remove our projects, I’ll release a clean zip :).  Well…that was ruined by a nasty commenter whose comment I chose not to publish.  Apparently, some content farmers don’t get it.  The irritating watermarking will continue.  I’m tired of entitled people who think they deserve anything free or can exploit somebody’s elses hobby for profit.  I mind it.  I don’t understand why they simply can’t link to our posts or to our home page like Baka-Updates and One Manga.  The only reason to upload individual pages is to farm the content to … Continue reading Making Progress!…Maybe???

Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 9

Update:  One content farm uploaded the chapter ugly watermarks and all.  Therefore, chapter 10 will be similarly watermarked.  Go give thanks to them.  I have sent this website an e-mail.  Hopefully, they will take down our projects so we can end this stupidity before we get to chapter 10.——————-Here is “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 9 and as I warned, I’ve watermarked some of the pages in the zip file because some bad actors continued to upload this series to manga aggregation websites and content farms.  I feel bad doing this because the artwork in the series is gorgeous.  I beg … Continue reading Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 9

Junketsu + Kareshi chp 8 — wow, I never would have guessed who "N" is…

The title page for “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 8 is very deceiving.  Neither of these characters shows up in the chapter (except the Student Council President very briefly in a flashback).  Anyhow…this chapter pretty much goes as predicted, though, there are a few funny Aki snide remark moments (thank goodness for those). Here are the links: Links to “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 8:  (Zip) (PDF) — Retired Spoiler Alert!My thoughts on the Chapter– Kana continues to bumble happily and senselessly along.  Personally, I would have taken the hinges off of Masayuki’s door.  Beyond that, the whole Masayuki situation makes no … Continue reading Junketsu + Kareshi chp 8 — wow, I never would have guessed who "N" is…

Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 7 — Dude looks like a Lady!

  Here is “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 7.  This is basically a heavily comedic bridge chapter to the next story arc.  Links to “Junketsu + Kareshi” Chatper 7: (Zip) (PDF) — Retired Spoilers Ahead: My thoughts on the chapter– Kana is weird!  She seems to willfully avoid her own sadness and the sadness of others.  It’s not that I believe in dwelling on sadness, but she’s way too Pollyanna-like to stay sane.  I eagerly await the break-down and Aki’s reaction to her breakdown (that is if Shouoto-sensei is brave enough to have Kana breakdown). In this chapter we are sorta … Continue reading Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 7 — Dude looks like a Lady!

Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 6

Happy New Year everyone! Look what I have for you! Links to “Junketsu + Vampire” chapter 6:  (Zip — high quality) (PDF– medium quality, but convenient)  — Retired It looks like this is the last chapter of the first volume and the first story arc.  I’ll put out an announcement on this blog when the first volume is released along with links for you to purchase the manga.  If you like this series, you should purchase the book to give thanks to Shouto-sensei. Spoilers ahead —And now my thoughts on the chapter.  Finally, we see Kana begin to internalize her … Continue reading Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 6

Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 5

Here is “Junketsu + Kareshi” Chapter 5!  The cliffhanger from chapter 4 is resolved very unexpectedly, and now it makes me wonder what direction this story is taking.  I like that I was surprised in this manner, though, because what happened took courage to do.  It’s definitely not cliched :). Links to “Junketsu + Kareshi” Chapter 5: (Zip) (PDF) — Retired On the matter of Aki — I feel bad that no matter how hard he tries, hypnotism does not work on Kana.  That said though, Aki really is quite possessive and generally sinister.  But the end of the chapter … Continue reading Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 5