9 thoughts on “AnS 23 Fun

  1. Waa~ sparkly bishounen! That'd be an exciting event indeed (oh how I would love to see Zen's reaction to that). I believe in Zen x Shirayuki, but I love everyone; Obi should be their pet- faithful dog Obi wants to sleep in the same bed as his master… ok, maybe not. =p

  2. just a question for anyone who can read japanese…. i saw recently that sorata akizuki-sensei had posted a new series of images of a process of doing a watercolour artwork on her website. i was wondering if the artwork was from the new oneshot that she did. the one that's called “vahlia's bridegroom” ? i think.

    here's her website -> warabisora.sakura.jp.ne

    thanks 🙂

  3. @Omari's Sister: oops, you're right, i guess i was typing too fast. thanks for the confirmation! i can't wait to read it 😀

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