Omari’s Sister Blog Stats Fun

Here’s some stats from Google Analytics about this blog that I thought were cool.

A pie chart showing the regions you all are from (number of visitors blacked out)(click on to see larger image)

It’s sad to see that very little traffic comes from Africa.

Top Ten Visiting Countries for the month:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Philippines
  5. Germany
  6. UK
  7. Australia
  8. Malaysia
  9. Singapore
  10. Poland

Top 5 Traffic Sources

  1. Direct
  2. Google
  3. Manga-updates
  4. Mangafox
  5. Feedburner

Top 5 Searches

  1. Omari’s Sister (or some variation)
  2. Pureblood + Boyfriend (or some variation)
  3. Magnolia Manga
  4. Pika Ichi
  5. Orange Chocolate Manga

Top 5 Browsers

  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome
  3. IE
  4. Safari
  5. Opera

Fun Facts:

  • This blog is viewed in 135 countries
  • 1% of you are using dial-up
  • 2% of you are using an Apple mobile device
  • A handful of visitors are assessing the site on a PS3, PSP, or Wii
  • 32% of visits are first time visits to the site
  • Less than 1% of visitors are from Japan
  • 84% of you are using Windows

21 thoughts on “Omari’s Sister Blog Stats Fun

  1. Top Ten Visiting Countries:
    10. Poland
    Why on 10th place? xD
    I wonder if it's only my visits xD

    Traffic Sources:
    Junketsu + Kareshi Fanclub at MyAnimeList xD

    Top 5 Searches:
    2. Pureblood + Boyfriend (or some variation)

  2. ๏ผ Chisaihoshi — Hahaha! I doubt you are the only visitor from Poland. Visits are coming from 69 cities within Poland ;p

    My Anime List Referrals come in 14th wrt traffic sources.

  3. 69 cities within Poland, and my city is also on the list!:) You're definitely not the only one chisaihoshi ๐Ÿ˜€
    I love your taste for mangas Kuroneko. Thanks for your hard work ^^

  4. Hey, I'm from South Africa, and I think the reason that you guys don't get a lot of traffic from Africa is because most people here don't even know what manga is! I only found out 2 or 3 years ago myself. Lack of advertising I guess. Also, manga here is really expensive (2-3 times the price in America)so not many people buy it.

  5. @Silver Lunar — You exist. The “Middle East” is referred to as “Western Asia”. I think it's labeled to way because the areas are broken up by continents instead of a country blocks. Western Asia includes the Middle Eastern countries and some countries I would consider part of Europe like Turkey and Georgia.

  6. @K3 – Well I never liked the “Middle east” label anyway, I never understood in what regard we are “middle” and to “east” of what exactly? We are part of Asia :/ Asia cup anyone?

    And yes Turkey Georgia is a part of Europe, according to the Royal Mail company which is a UK based mail service.

  7. So “western asia” also has “middle east”!
    I'm surprised the number of people reading manga in middle east increased XD
    years ago i felt that i was the only one, and was always made fun of XDD

  8. @megzwood: Yay! Go Canada! BTW, most of those Canadian visits are probably mine. ^^'

    @SL: “Middle East” is a term relative to Europe. The term “Near East” is also used because it's close to Europe as opposed to, say, Japan which is called “Far East”. It's strange but it has carried through history.

  9. Mexico didn't make it on the top 10 countries ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    But I will still keep reading n_n
    I really liked this post!!

  10. – Mexico is 12th today
    – Switzerland is 47th today

    The top 10 changes daily. Today it's:

    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. France
    4. Philippines
    5. Germany
    6. UK
    7. Australia
    8. Malaysia
    9. Poland
    10. Spain

    All time:
    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. France
    4. Philippines
    5. Germany
    6. UK
    7. Australia
    8. Italy
    9. Malaysia
    10. Singapore

  11. Woohooo!!!
    The Philippines made it in the top 4!!
    My God, I never knew Philippines was such a manga-addicted country…
    (My friends and classmates only heard about manga from me! :])

    haha… it's obvious I'm Filipino now. (like, duh)

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