Junketsu + Kareshi chp 8 — wow, I never would have guessed who "N" is…

The title page for “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 8 is very deceiving.  Neither of these characters shows up in the chapter (except the Student Council President very briefly in a flashback).  Anyhow…this chapter pretty much goes as predicted, though, there are a few funny Aki snide remark moments (thank goodness for those).
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Spoiler Alert!
My thoughts on the Chapter–

Kana continues to bumble happily and senselessly along.  Personally, I would have taken the hinges off of Masayuki’s door.  Beyond that, the whole Masayuki situation makes no sense.  People have to come out of their room sometime to use the bathroom and eat.  And I don’t know how it works in Japan, but in the US, if kids don’t show up for school, someone starts investigating.  Sigh…I guess we’ll have to suspend our brains for this series and just accept the situation.

There was little suspense over who “N” is and, of course, every 15-year nerdy boy is a genius hacker — NOT! Okay, suspending my brain again…Anyhow, I’m glad this chapter was fast paced and got this part of the story over with quickly.  I can’t say I’m feeling much suspense going into chapter 9.  We all know if the person jumps, Kana can catch him or her before they hit the ground.  Hopefully, this means we launch into a new part of the story after that bit of drama is over — though, I imagine, it will take 30-ish pages to get the “Stigma” out of Masayuki. Or…maybe we’ll get lucky and get two Stigma extracted next chapter — “Pride” from the PC Club President and “Sloth” from Masayuki.  And for goodness’ sake!  Aki has to start biting Kana again!  And it better be a creatively and beautifully drawn.

Next up is “Akagami no Shirayukihime” chapter 23 followed by a double release of “Pika Ichi”.

9 thoughts on “Junketsu + Kareshi chp 8 — wow, I never would have guessed who "N" is…

  1. I would have expected a better search even if “N” being Masayuki was too predictable…

    We need to see some evil Aki vampirism now…

    Thanks so much for the hard work in getting this out…as always, much appreciated

  2. First off: Thank you for your hard work! ^_^

    Now, on page 8.. Kana looks like a boy. It was an odd moment for me. Moving on~

    ::pats Aki on the head:: Poor, poor Aki…lol. I give him credit for trying. However, step it up man! Do something!

    But.. but, how can she get hypnotized from a computer and not Aki…? That doesn't make much sense to me. Hrm…

    Heh, called that one. 😛

    Well, the guy at the end looks like the computer guy. ::shrugs::

    Anyway, I did like how Aki and Jin are so much a like. Made me laugh.

  3. If I admit it really
    It is something rare….
    But of all forms it makes me happy that it follows this history.
    For that it is called me enough the attention.
    Thank you
    Regards chile

  4. Thank you very much for this release! <3 <3 <3 Mind if I'd post up some images from chapters on my blog? Of course, I'd include title, scanlation group, and the website. I'll also suggest go to your website for download.

    Oh, um i can't help to, but notice page 09: “you're eyes….” but was it supposed to be “your eyes….”? Um I am sorry if I sound mean or picky. o.o

  5. Thank you soooo much. I just started reading this yesterday and I really look forward to the next releases ^_^

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