"Pika Ichi" Chapter 6

“Pika Ichi” returns!  I’m glad I took a break from the series.  It allowed me to gain some perspective on the series and to see the next three chapters before deciding to continue the series.  Make no mistake, this series continues to defy logic.  Apparently adults do not exist in this story’s world so it’s basically like “Lord of the Flies”.  By the way, I hated the book “Lord of the Flies”.  For the most part senselessly violent children don’t settle well with me.  Still, I like Tarou, Hanako, and Manaka and I’m curious about Dougen and Misono so I will continue this series to see the character study.

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Spoiler Alert! Spoilers Ahead!

My Thoughts on the Chapter–

In order to tolerate this series I’ve had to trick my brain into thinking that adults don’t exist in this the world of this story.  If a child is witnessed being kidnapped, any sensible person would call the police and Manaka and Tarou should have contacted Hanako’s parent’s immediately.  With respect to Hanako’s injuries, one of them should have called for an ambulance and reported an assault and attempted murder.  SERIOUSLY!  None of this makes any sense.  And what about Hanako’s parents?  Surely they care that their daughter has been severely beaten by her classmates.

I’ve looked at chapter 7 and 8, and what follows with Dougen makes no sense.  There is no forgiveness or association with somebody who leaves anybody to be severely beaten after finding out that offense for which the beating was ordered did not happen.  As far as I’m concerned, since Dougen didn’t call off the other students at that moment, there is no redemption for his character. SERIOUSLY!  The same goes for that pop-tart Ibuki.  She’s deserving of a bitch-slap at the very least.

Okay…all of this said, I’m still interested the main characters and I want to understand an inconsistency that comes up in Dougen’s past in chapter 8.  The rest of the stuff in the story senseless garbage and the only way any of this would make sense is if Dougen is somehow the Devil’s spawn — I mean this literally supernatural powers and all — and he’s trying to opposed his evil destiny using Hanako as his saviour.  If Dougen were the Devil’s spawn, then that would be AWESOME and all would be forgiven.

Next up is “Pika Ichi” Chapter 7 followed by the extras from the 4th volume of “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen”.

With respect to on-going series that we have been releasing soon after the Japanese release, I have no news yet on how the earthquake will impact them.  What I do know is that national-wide, Japan is suffering from a power storage and manufacturing in general has been limited because there isn’t enough power.  Also there is major infrastructure damage in the Kanto region.  I don’t know whether printing is impacted or whether printing can be done in Southern Japan for the time being.  Anyhow…my feeling is there will be delays in the magazine shipments, so please don’t expect “Magnolia”, “J+K”, or “Zoo” to be release early in April.  I will let you all know for sure what’s going on when I find out for myself.  If the magazines are indeed delayed, then I will back fill with chapters of the new series, catch up on neglected series, and release one-shots until the magazines arrive. My first indication of a possible delay will be if Hana to Yume Issue 8 doesn’t arrive on March 18th or 19th.

10 thoughts on “"Pika Ichi" Chapter 6

  1. Thanks so much!! I know the whole illogical lack of adult thing might be annoying, but at least Pika Ichi is way more interesting than typical shojo. I absolutely love this and I hope you'll continue to scanlate it! Thanks again!!

  2. First off, thank you for Pika Ichi!

    but this chapter… Dougen… I dont… cannot… just… so much wtf. You're right – too much Lord of the Flies going on for my brain to accept… Though I do have to say, I've heard similar (if not worse) cases of bullying where teachers and adults were… almost nonexistent. Still enjoying the series and very interested to see where the mangaka decides to take the story.

  3. I don't know why i am having a good time reading this while you don't. Maybe the reason why I easily accept the absence of logical scenarios is because of the VideoGame influence that my my mind automatically adjust to before playing or reading/watching Manga/Anime …:U

  4. Thanks so much for this!

    So Dougen lives in this huge house all by himself?

    Hanako is being carried on Tarou's back and is having a good dream, but she just got the puffins beat out of her and she is having a good dream? I can't imagine the reaction when he drops her off at home…

    It looks like Hanako is going to become Dougen's new plaything.

    And thank goodness Ibuki finally showed some class and deigned to go help, but man oh man can she needs a good shake…

    All this makes you scratch your head in wonder…

  5. They are a bunch of cowards who need too attack in groups because they are all weak. When i read this story it reminds me of my past I grew up in the ghetto but I wasnt involved in none of those gangs and so forth but I have over the years acquired many friends. I was in highschool and i was attacked my a group who were a younger organization but belong to a bigger one and i was attacked on false accusations. When i was attacked i was the type i did fight back but against 7 people there was only so many hits i can give back. So when i healed up i took my fights outside of school, what the younger organization of the bigger one didnt realize was that i was friends with their sempais or older brothers so when my fights took place thy were allowed and once th fights were settled no one was allowed retribution because of their sempais witnessing. The group was part that jumping was considered cowards and individuals fights were man fights with honor, so when i fought all 7 individually i won, they were not easy fights and many times i thought i would lose but i got them all back because after i was done their older brothers of that organization handled the rest. Those groups of cowards remind me of that group in pika ichi in which alone they are weak and as a group they are cowards. IF i was the main charactors instead of waiting to be hunteed i would hunt back similar to what i did in my past. I love this story because i can so relate to it

  6. Thank you for this chapter!

    Also, while this was reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, I can't stop thinking of a child's voice saying, “Hey, I want to be a gangster, too!” It is still kind of cute in its own way, but plot scenario is border-lining Han Yu-Rang instability and idiocy. Seriously, why Hanako still believes that Ibuki is a 'good' friend, I don't know. Part of me was kind of hoping that she would have cold flashbacks of Ibuki, but that is just me.

  7. @Rose — I'm glad you enjoy the series.

    @Anonymous — Too much bullying is allowed by adults in general in reality. Some parents are even proud of their children's aggression. It's sad. I think, though, now that this violent scene is over, things will get more interesting between the characters.

    @SL — discounting the no adults thing, this series does high drama. I can see how this series could be enjoyable. I enjoy the characters and the character interaction a lot.

    @BM — I'm not sure where the story is going with Dougen x Hanako. I expect a complicated love triangle between Dougen, Hanako, and Tarou to develop. I'm worried that Hanako only sees Tarou as a friend.

    @Anonymous — thanks for sharing your story and I'm glad you can relate to this series. I think your story helped me relate more to the story since I've never experienced bullying to this extent.

    @nyahkano — yeah, Hanako is far too saintly.

  8. Haha, yeah… This manga is very nonsensical to the point of annoying. I liked it for the first few chapters but now I'm just downright ajsdkdjsd. I like Maki Youko's work a lot but after reading this, I'm really confused.

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