We Are Dropping "Orange Chocolate"

After much consideration and tracking the series for the past few months, I have decided to drop “Orange Chocolate”.  This series started out very strong and then got bogged down with a sports festival arc and then continued down a road that neglected its original premise.  It looks like this series has no end in sight and I can’t commit to this series indefinitely.  I’m sorry to all the Orange Chocolate fans out there.  Hopefully another group will pick up the series and upkeep the quality.  Dropping this series, though, will allow us to continue our new series without stress and without breaks.  We will also be able to bring you more fun one-shots and short-series.

18 thoughts on “We Are Dropping "Orange Chocolate"

  1. O_O
    nooooo, pleaseee I love this series soo much…snif sniff T_T… well, I guess it can't be helped, so PLEASE GOOOD, LET ANOTHER SCAN SITE PICK ORANGE CHOCOLATE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. firstly, thanks for the releases of orange chocolate. you guys do a really good job with the scanlations. It's totally your perogative to drop it. and there's really no point continuing if you guys don't enjoy it.

    i've enjoyed the story/plot of most of the ch1-21. but the thought of an extended sports festivals doesn't excite me as a reader either.

    i'm not sure if i'd like the new direction the story is heading so i'll keep a look out for Orange Choc from other scanlators. but i have a feeling i'd agree with you on that one too. ^^

  3. T-T me too, i love this series, but equal y hope another scan group pick this, ¬¬ thank you very much for the hard work until now XDDD =^..^=


  4. Aww, that is really sad. Orange Chocolate is my favorite among your projects and I always look forward to a new release. I think that Chiro and Ritsu are such an adorable and fleshed out couple with fun personalities + the art is simply gorgeous. As long as I like the characters I do not really mind if they are put into cliché situations, perhaps because they already stand out on their own and the interaction shines no matter the situation. Of course an original and interesting plot is equally (if not more) important and more than anything you do a great job finding works with unexpected and interesting twists.

    Well, I guess I'll stick around because there are a few other works I am interested in and I respect your decision. This was very unfortunate, but maybe, as you said, someone else will pick up where you left off(^-^)

  5. It was a difficult decision because I like the characters too, but we haven't done a chapter in 3 or 4 months and I haven't had the urge to do a chapter yet. Rather instead other projects are pulling my attention. I really hate the idea of dropping a series, but I figured as soon as felt comfortable doing it ,I should make the announcement to leave no ambiguity for other groups that may want to take it on.

    I think this exemplifies some of the risk associated with taking on a new series. Most of the time a group will have no clue how long the series will be and there's no guarantee that a series that starts off with a bang can maintain it's original momentum. I also, personally, get extremely peeved when a story wonders off into weeds. I mind very much when an author comes up with an original idea and drops the complexity of the situation for sports festivals, boring love triangles, or other typical shoujo situations. I was interested in the intersection between love and envy and self-acceptance. I think I could have finished the series if the series looked like it was going to end by the end of this year, but it doesn't look that way.

    I will still be keeping an eye on the series and if it does end soon, then there's a good chance we'll finish it. However, if it continues to aimlessly drag on, we'll leave that to another group or perhaps a publisher will license it.

  6. As the “main cleaner” (sometimes) of the series I have to say that i am really glad that this weight has left my shoulders.

    Sorry but i never enjoyed it that much.

  7. Oww that's one manga less from my reading list. But I agree that it has kinda lost its initial charms. And if this means you can concentrate more on other series then no complaints 🙂

  8. T_T
    Even though I pains me to hear that you're dropping Orange Chocolate, I can see why. I also think it has gone off tracks and wish it would just wrap up. I do hope that another group picks it up at least. If no group does pick it up, could you give us a brief summary of the chapters?

    Thank you for all your hard work in the chapters you did release.

  9. Darn it. I loved Orange Chocolate and followed it from when you guys first posted. *sigh* I wonder if we can bribe Bliss to take it up?

  10. Well, half of me's gone “Noooooo!” and the half's saying “Yeah…it's time anyway.”, so you get the idea of my reaction. I've to admit that I saw it coming though – getting off-track and more childish, all the 'eh's (xD) annoying the heck outta everyone…Don't mind. I don't have the right complain since I'm not the one doing all the work on it. But I did love your releases~ All the scanlators working on it did brilliant work.
    So thank you very much for bringing this series to us till now. (:

  11. @Anonymous — If you have to “bribe” a group to do a series, then it's probably not going to be all that good for the group. It's best for the group to love the series so it doesn't feel like a burden.

  12. Anytime you pick up an ongoing series, there can so many reasons you don't finish it (i.e. licensing, can't get raws, lose staff). In many ways, this is the most honest.

  13. I'll miss the series, but I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Orange Chocolate brought me a lot of pleasure, and I couldn't have experienced it without you. Thank you!

  14. I'll miss the series, but I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Orange Chocolate brought me a lot of pleasure, and I never would have experienced that without you. Thank you!

  15. Hi this is a long shot, since I just got hooked onto the manga, do you’ll happen to know what happens in the end? I haven’t found another group that has taken up the manga or any reddit thread that has the ending. Thank you and it’s okay if you don’t know 🙂

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