"Yukarism" Chapter 4

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the smuggiest of them all?  I’ll let you be the judge.  Is it Hugo or this new guy Shizuka Takamura? Haha, this is so much fun :).

Here’s “Yukarism” chapter 4!  The plot thickens as more people from the past are introduced.  In this chapter, the witch doctor Shizuka Takamura enters the scene.  Is he an enemy?  Somehow I feel that he’s just misunderstood.

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Spoiler Alert!  Spoilers Ahead

My thoughts on the chapter:

Mahoro is still pretty funny.  She so badly wants to serve Yukari.  What the heck happened that’s got her past self as Kazuma so mad at Takamura and makes her present self so deeply hate the present Takamura.  What is Mahoro going to do in the present now that Takamura is back.  I love how Yukari sees a delicious situation ahead is game to let Mahoro and present-Takamura go at each other.  Yukari is such the pot-stirrer.

Takamura — I don’t think he’s evil.  I think he does evil things and he’s probably in love with Yuumurasaki because she’s the only person who doesn’t fear him.  I imagine the scroll with the incantations was probably a protective scroll or a scroll with an incantation that bound the people in the past together so they can meet up again in the future.

It looks like some of the political intrigue of the Edo period.  I wonder if that has more to do with Yuumurasaki’s death more than any personal relationship?

Next up!
Next up is either “Akagami no Shirayukihime” chapter 24 or “The Ghost Apartment Manager” chapter 3, depending on whether I get the AnS raw today or tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “"Yukarism" Chapter 4

  1. ::smiley, smile:: Thank you for this chapter! Also, if my comment today happens to be a little.. weird, I apologize. I am DEAD tired, but blah, blah, blah. Anyway, ::waves it off:: On with the comment~!

    ::snorts:: The 1st “image” page almost looked like he was sitting on top of her.. ::sheepish laugh::
    Oh, those.. er.. “shoes” do look like they would be hard to walk in. I do not envy him, I mean, her right now. Oh, hey! I just saw an Ouran image. I wonder what it was talking about..? Well, anyway!

    Wow, Takamura looks kinda EVIL on page 11 with that eye glare..lol. And it gets even worse!!! ::laughs:: Hmm.. a slight correction might need to be made on page 14. “… With all this stuff on, I shouldn't weigh around 80kg?” Shouldn't it be “… blah, blah on, shouldn't I weigh around 80kjg?”…? I might be wrong, but I thought I'd ask anyway. ^_^

    Although Takamura's eyes are kinda evil looking, I still like them. OOOOoooohhhhh!!!! Something just clicked in meh mind. But, maybe Masa-san is the reian' on the screaming lady from the past! They look like the could go together or something like that… Hrm…

    Whoa, SHOW-DOWN!!! Even her hair is ready for battle! She looks like one of those ghost's who can grab things with their hair. Lol.

    Well, anyway, now I can't for the next chapter.. urgh. But, thank you for this one!

  2. Misunderstood? He looks flat out evil, EVIL I TELL YOU!

    Yukari impressively handles any situation with that going-with-the-flow charm. Looks like he's the one leading off the people around him/her.

    I really feel sorry for Kazuma 😦 To me it seems like the Oiran/Yukari really doesn't care that much about him, The “awakening” at the end of the chapter should be fun 😮 I wonder if it is only Yukari who can go to the past??

  3. Ooh, and the plot thickens… I'm loving this manga more and more as the chapters go on. Thanks so much for the scanlation~

  4. Thank you! Thank you!

    This story keeps getting better. I don't think Takamura is evil. I get the impression he is taken with Yuumurasaki.

    I love when she is getting carried…Ha Ha this is fun! At that moment they looked like they might have had something going on. Poor Kazuma, he wasn't too happy…

    This story just keeps everyone on their toes, begging for more…

  5. Oh I'm so glad you ppl started scanlating this. I love this author's work!!!


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