My Manga Collection

In response to Angelanime, here are pictures of my manga collection.  I have too much manga to write out a list. (I also hope you now understand why I want electronic manga):

My collection is divided into two rooms.  I’ve sold off at least 300 volumes over the past 3 or 4 years to make room for my constantly evolving collection.  Haha!  As you can see, I’m almost out of shelf space again ;p.

11 thoughts on “My Manga Collection

  1. i'm so jealous…my colleection is so small compared to yours. mine only has about 40-50 mangas coz it's so expensive here in my country……T_T

  2. I'm glad I asked about your collection…
    I hope that mine will be sometime as big as yours…
    (But it seems I don't see that future yet.) ´_´

    …money is flying around only in my dreams…

    Still, I'm glad I found the online shop called The Book Depository last September and bugged my mom to register her debit card so it would allow online transactions, etc…
    From then on my collection's getting bigger… Tehehe.

    But I still get from my mom: “Don't order more.”

  3. Wow, that's a sizable collection of manga XD. I didn't start collecting manga tanks until much, much later when I started working and can afford it. Same for mags. But once I started, it was pretty hard to stop. I now not only have a growing manga collection, my ani-manga mags took up quite a big chunk of storage space, competing with my collection of English novels and research books. So yeah, I need mansion-size room to house them all…haha. It looks like you need one too.

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