Otakumole Owns Typical Shoujo

Update 4/5/2016 After some time to think about Otakumole and the impact it’s having on shoujo and shoujo scanlation, I’ve decided that we will not let Otakumole dictate what projects we take on at Crimson Flower. This is my and my group’s hobby. We are doing this for ourselves because we love shoujo manga, we love the scanlation process, and we love having discussions about the manga we scanlate. Our schedule is packed so we can’t bring back “Hana ni, Kamitsuku” right now. However, we will resume the project eventually unless another group resumes the series in scanlation. Like dealing … Continue reading Otakumole Owns Typical Shoujo

My Updated thoughts on Scanlation

I wrote a new blog power on Lovely Manga in response to a question about whether “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” and the spinoff are popular enough in scanlation to get licensed. The short answer is scanlation and manga licensing are unrelated. To read more of my perspective on the matter, here’s a link to the blog post on Lovely Manga. I do have an account on Ask.fm now, so if you wish to ask me a question, you can go here: http://ask.fm/KuronekoOO3 or use the Ask.fm widget on the right hand side of this blog. Continue reading My Updated thoughts on Scanlation

Repost: Manga Rambling

First of all, I hope everyone in the US had a tasty and safe Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was small here with just me, my husband, and Omari. We fried turkey legs and had all the usual sides — mashed potatoes, yams, southen style collards, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.  Everything was insanely tasty. (I will admit to being proud of my home cooking. My grandmother taught me well.) Hopefully our leftovers will last us through the weekend. Onto to the manga rambling! I’ve been having some evolving thoughts as I’ve been exposed to more kinds of manga and reading bits … Continue reading Repost: Manga Rambling

Time to Start thinking about Best of 2013 Lists

We’re heading toward the end of the year, so it’s about time to start the end of the year summaries.  I honestly don’t have much time to read manga outside of what we translate for Crimson Flower and Omari’s Sister, so I look to the readers for advice about what was good from 2013. So please take a little time to list in the comments section your favorite new manga series and oneshots from 2013. My two favorite new series are “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” and “Baraou no Souretsu”. Nothing stands out on the tip of my mind with respect … Continue reading Time to Start thinking about Best of 2013 Lists

"Magnolia" is ending November — Let’s Look at it Readership on Crimson Flower/Omari’s Sister

According to the Aria website, “Magnolia” is ending in the next issue. I still haven’t received the current issue, so that means for us, we have two chapters left.  I don’t want to speculate on whether this is a planned ending or not, but I will say, I thought that there were at least 2 or 3 volumes more of story left… or so in my imagination.  Be that as it may, I have been noticing over the past year a rapid drop off in “Magnolia” readership on this blog.  So speaking only for this blog, let’s look at some … Continue reading "Magnolia" is ending November — Let’s Look at it Readership on Crimson Flower/Omari’s Sister

Initial Exploration into Josei

In an effort to find some more mature content for Omari’s Sister and Bakeneko’s Lair, I’ve been exploring josei manga.  By “mature” I don’t mean sexual and violent content. What I mean is content that revolves around women who are older than teenagers or stories that do not take place in high school or junior high. It’s been a hard genre to research because so much it is what I’d consider pornographic, and apparently so does US Customs, because certain magazines will get caught in US Customs for DAYS. And then there’s the age difference manga that may get you … Continue reading Initial Exploration into Josei