April Statistics!

Overall readership was down ~5% in April.  I guess some of you really like your monthly dose of “J+K”.  Haha!  Don’t worry, “J+K” will resume soon enough.

Top Ten Viewing Countries

  1. US (CA, NY, TX, FL, MA)
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Philippines
  5. Germany
  6. UK
  7. Indonesia
  8. Singapore
  9. Australia
  10. Malaysia

Top Five Releases

  1. Ouran High School Host Club Volume 18 Extras
  2. Magnolia Chapter 9
  3. Vahlia Bridegroom
  4. Nanairo no Mukou
  5. Yukarism Chapter 4

Top Five Viewing Languages

  1. US English
  2. French
  3. Dutch
  4. British English
  5. Spanish from Spain

Top Five Viewing Operating Systems

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iOS (iPod, iPad, iPhone…)
  4. Linux
  5. Android

7 thoughts on “April Statistics!

  1. Isn't it surprising that Vahlia Bridegroom is in the top 5? Lol. It didn't seem to be that well liked.

  2. Oregon represent! (lol)

    Hm… well, I'm here for the Naked Ape but I do follow this blog pretty closely especially compared to others because a) the layout is easy on the eye (nice yellows and whites instead of bright pink and (god forbid) all black and neon) b) your other projects and oneshots are always consistently good and often enjoyable. (Although, I have to agree with Tin in that Vahlia's Bridegroom was kind of boring and I'll add that all three of the “more coming soon” series are equally unexciting but that's probably my personal taste.)

    However, I quite enjoy your commentary. It's probably the reason that I consistently try to comment.

    On another note, I love the new banner. (Yay for Magnolia.)

    (Why I am writing long comments on blogs during AP Week I do not know.)

  3. @Lin — Thanks for the comment. Some of the upcoming projects may surprise you, but I imagine projects like “The Scarecrow of Oz” aren't for everyone ;p

  4. Haha, don't worry about it. I'm one of those hard to please individuals who gets angry at Disney movies because I get infuriated when contemplating the role of women in 20th century animation.

    Scarecrow is decent, but kind of predictable. I think that's my complaint about Disney movies too.

    However, I do look forward to your upcoming stuff though, so don't be discouraged by declines in visitor-ship. I would totally hit F5 a couple times for you if that made a difference. XD


  5. @Lin — Stats are more like a curiosity to me. I like looking for trends and patterns. I don't care how many people read this blog. In fact, I'm amazed that anyone reads anything I do or write. Hahaha!

    More than anything I like reading and responding to the comments left on the blog entries and the posts made in the chatbox. I like the sense of community and the feeling that we are sharing this manga together.

    I'm always surprised by what people like and don't like. I think it's so funny how I LOVE “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” but it doesn't even get the readership of most of the one-shots. And then I'm amazed at how successful some one-shots are. I'm also fascinated by the how diverse this community is. It's absolutely crazy that this blog gets hits from 135 countries. It really brings home how small this world is. I also am amazed by the quickly ascent of iOS. It went from a handful a views per month a few months ago to a little over a thousand per month now. Isn't that cool!? I get so much out of these stats and hope that you as readers get something out of it too. I want to acknowledge who you all are because its just darned neat that there are so many of you from all over the world.

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