One-Shot: "3 Hearts" by Ichinose Kaoru

I love stories with handsome rogues, mysterious women, moonlit nights, and stolen treasure.  Ah, yes, the romance of it all is the best and, in my humble opinion, this one-shot delivers.  Sigh…I would love this one-shot to be translated into a live action or animated movie.  It would be so beautiful!

Don’t have many deep thoughts about this one-shots.  It’s just a confections to enjoy.  I do wonder whether calling the main character “Jin Tonic” is a little bit of call back to “King of Bandits Jing”.  In that series all the “Jing Girls” were named after mixed drinks.  I love that series and the follow on series “Twilight Tales”.  Those series are out of print in English, but it you ever do find a complete set, I highly recommend reading the series.

Update 05/19/2011:  Small Edits from Lakshmi that don’t impact story.  Also added a note about reading Tarot cards (reversed “Wheel of Fortune” = very bad luck — Thanks to Zuu for that bit of information.)
Links to “3 Hearts”: (Zip) (PDF — mobiles and tablets)

Silver Lunar, who did a wonderful job cleaning and redrawing some of the pages, made a nice parody of the title page:

Hahaha!  It really does look like cover art for a Final Fantasy game :).  Thanks, Silver Lunar for the giggle.

Next Up!
I think I’ve kept you all waiting long enough.  I was planning to release “Twelve O’Clock Bells Rings” first, but I will get to work on “Junketsu + Kareshi”chapter 9 tomorrow.

25 thoughts on “One-Shot: "3 Hearts" by Ichinose Kaoru

  1. thank you so much omari's sisters! 😀
    This one-shoot really captured my attention.
    Btw, by any chance do you know what's that manga located at the top right of 3 Heart's cover? ^^

  2. Thank you very much, this was a nice one. By the way, could you tell me what is the manga in the right upper corner on the cover page?

  3. Oh, in the advance of the oneshot the captain had a eyepatch, I really like it. Why did the eyepatch go away…
    Well, the advance also said that he was in a commercial airship, so in this aspect I think is better that he's a thief xD

  4. so is the number “3” have any meaning? do they intend to make OS about the other two? if they don't, then I think they should made it “1 heart”

  5. Hmmm. The title page is lovely, and I really do like what Silver did in the But, too be honest, I didn't care for the story. ::shrugs::

    But thank you for your hard work and for letting me read it. ^_^

  6. Oh man, I hope this one-shots gets a serialized, I fell completely in love with the story.

    Thanks Omari's Sister for this one-shot!

  7. Thanks for the one-shot!! I really love Kaoru-sensei artworks after Mishonen Produce!!!

    and man, i hope Enix team could see this parody pic's really match (in my head) how next FF series should be!! <333

  8. Idk why, but i really interested more on the parody things ^__^;;

    I hope Enix team see this parody since i can imagined how girls will completely fangirl-ing on each other on how beautiful it is <3333

    btw, thanks for the one-shot too!!


  9. You know, after reading Tin's comment in the chatbox about “3 Hearts”, I naturally looked over to the title page and read the captions again.

    From the outside, the story seems to be just eye candy (which, no doubt it is) but there is a little more complexity to it than what I saw before. After maybe a little more analysis (and desperate thinking to give this One-shot a bit more cred) Here's what I came up with…

    Initially, the “3 Hearts” referred to the 3 precious jewels, yeah? Well, it could also be connected to our 3 stars on the beautiful colored cover page.

    Note how it talks about how “the world's most beautiful jewel”, love or Rathgozer (as she IS beautiful), “leads hearts astray.” The hearts, referring to Jin and Mr. Knight of Kothera, being led astray because she is a rogue. Obviously, Jin was extremely influenced by her beauty (consequently falling in love.) If you notice in the last panel of he manga, Jin calls out Mr. Knight of Kothera on getting tricked as well. Inferring from Mr. KoK's reaction to this, it seems he too was led astray for a long enough time (possibly in an affectionate way) to allow Rathgozer to escape.

    Haha, and it seems even to the end of the one-shot, she CONTINUES to lead them off course in many other ways with her beauty and amazing-sauce trickery skills. Rathgozer leads Jin astray from fate's control and Mr. KoK's position defending the jewel (as he was set-up in such a way where Jin believed that he was the bad guy–once again, making enough time for our lovely rogue to escape.) All of that just to explain where the title page was going with the story.

    It just goes to show sometimes, being pretty is an extremely powerful tool.

    So that's what I thought up of. Not sure if it'll make sense to anyone else or if the author actually intended for any of this. But my hopes are that it'll add some light to the situation and maybe rethink the credibility on this one-shot story-wise…

    It's been a while since I ranted on any manga about anything :\ I wish I could analyze this much with my English research paper as well.

    PS. I'm posting the rest of the entry on my blog so as to not make this “comment” longer than it already is.

  10. uhmm guys uhmm how can i download this manga??? the zip file isnt working and im excited to read it based on the comments…please help me thanks

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