Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 9

Update:  One content farm uploaded the chapter ugly watermarks and all.  Therefore, chapter 10 will be similarly watermarked.  Go give thanks to them.  I have sent this website an e-mail.  Hopefully, they will take down our projects so we can end this stupidity before we get to chapter 10.
Here is “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 9 and as I warned, I’ve watermarked some of the pages in the zip file because some bad actors continued to upload this series to manga aggregation websites and content farms.  I feel bad doing this because the artwork in the series is gorgeous.  I beg you to please keep your hate comments to yourself because I will not publish them. I know this is upsetting and hating me isn’t going to help the situation.  The water marking will stop when the uploading stops.   Fortunately, it looks like some of the worst offending websites have pulled our projects.  So hopefully, this is enough of a warning so that folks understand that I’m serious.  Also understand, if the uploading doesn’t stop I can make this increasingly draconian.  I only want to do this once or twice, so please respect our rules and don’t upload our projects to manga aggregations websites or content farms.

Okay, now some good news!  The PDF is clean and if you have an iPad or Nook, the PDF looks wonderful.  PC and laptop, though, will show some loss of image quality compared to the zip file.  All you people with a predisposition to be bad apples, please resist the urge to make me watermark both the Zip and the PDF.

Links to “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 9:  (Zip — Watermarked) (PDF — No watermark, mobile, tablets) Retired.

Note: If you have trouble with the PDF, reload the webpage.  If that doesn’t work, restart your browser and try again.  If that doesn’t work then download the PDF and view the PDF on your desktop rather than your browser.  The PDF does have some security enabled, so it’s very possible that the file will not open in most PDF readers.)

News!  “Junketsu + Kareshi” Volume 2 releases June 3rd.  I can sell you a copy for $11 + $2.50 postage within the US and $3.50 shipping to Canada.  Outside the US and Canada shipping will be $8 – $9 (via airmail).  If you would like to purchase a copy, contact me via e-mail using the contact link on the menu located at the top of this blog.

Spoiler Alert!  Spoilers Ahead!
My Thoughts on the chapter:
I have high hopes for chapter 10.  Jin finally asks Kana about how she feels about Aki and her situation.  Also, the shock of seeing Aki and his fiancee may snap Kana out of her Pollyanna state.

As for Eve, she irritates me already.  Get your darned hands off of Aki!  I wonder if she’s after the Stigma too.  I hope she goes way quickly.  I’m in no mood for an Eve-Aki-Kana love triangle.  Anyhow, I hope some servant-protect-master things kicks in with Kana and Kana makes Eve go away.  I’m really worried about this because an annoying female third wheel could drive me to hate this series.

Chapter 10 will have some color pages and will be a longer chapter than usual.  Hopefully, in her time off, Shouoto-sensei had some time to think of ways to improve J+K and will begin to get the story back on track.
Next up!
Next up is the Halloween-in-May one-shot “Twelve O’Clock Bell Rings”.  It’s short and wicked.

29 thoughts on “Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 9

  1. Okay I think I can say this in the name of all readers…
    Guys remember we can thank those crappy farm uplaoders for this super great and not annoying at all watermark…I hope You will NOT upload them elsewhere again,cause we are the ones to suffer ,right? okay!! then PLEASE NEVER Do IT AGAIN ->stupids….<.< And well thank you Omaris sister for at least not watermarking the PDF,I couldn't read the ZIP at all…

  2. Well, thanks a lot for the release, and for those who are the cause of the watermarks (aka “illegal” uploaders), please, think of the other fans!!!

  3. Thanks so much :*
    I thought watermark will be smaller.
    This is a bit of a bother when you read, but well…
    anyway thanks so much for still release this manga ❤

  4. Thank you so much for putting this up.
    Hope all the copyright things can be ironed out and you can focus on putting more of these amazing scans up.

  5. Thank you! But the watermark is really disturbing. I didn't find this chapter very interesting plotwise (although the next one will probably be better) and I didn't even get to enjoy the artwork thanks to the watermarks. I understand why you did this and I respect your choice but personnally, if this continues (story not really interesting + artwork spoiled by the watermarks), I will just stop reading the series.

  6. Thanks for your support on this matter. Hopefully my point got across with obnoxiousness of the watermark. We have an imperfect system now and in some ways we aren't helping to make it better. But it is what is and the larger picture is out of our hands. Anyhow let's do what we can to enjoy manga, support the artists, and push for licensing.

  7. hello!

    while i do not really like the watermarks, i think it is understandable and necessary to combat the pirates ..

    however i fear that they won't stop … of course, they could stop uploading them elsewhere, but they will probably reupload them somewhere again after some time has passed ..

  8. I cant understand the manganka why introduce a fiance so early in the story, they are still going after the stigma and nothing in terms of relatioship have been developed beyond friendship, i think this forced love triangle is to early in the story. The one thing that concerns me is his fiance even the same as kana, it reminds me of blood plus remember what he said that kana belongs to his brother does that mean that eve is his brothers servents. Remember blood plus each of the queens servents were only able to mate with the opposite queen. If they do that in the story it will be annoying in which their servent can only marry and mate with the opposite brother, i hope eve is not the brothers servent, than it will just be a blood plus sevent story

  9. yes, yes, the watermarks are very annoying… good job ;D hopefully the “other” uploaders will begin to respect you and your work now.

    about this chapter~ i think that girl is going to get less annoying hopefully?? either way, i have a feeling that she won't be around for long.

  10. Thank u so much for the chap! even though meh dont mind the watermarks … but they wouldnt allow meh to see meh aki half naked properly! meh wanted to drool more on him … oh well! thanks again 😀

  11. Thank you so much for this new release. It is great! 🙂

    I am angry and at the same time very disappointed because, there are always a few stupid people out there who don't care about the rules and make it so hard for the other loyal fans. Could you please stop it?

    Omari Sister are doing such a great job. They put a lot of effort in their projects and sacrifice even their precious free time. So I think it is only fair, if you respect their wish and that means stop the upload immediately!!!

  12. I'm not going to hate, but I will say you can't control anything on the Internet once it is released into the ether. Even if people from here don't redistribute on those sites, others will find a way.

    Uphill battle. Good luck. Don't envy your efforts.

  13. *had a hard time reading not because she finds it too inconvenient to read the pages w/ watermarks, but more of because the watermarks amuse her*

    Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha xD

    Ooooohhhh… something like this has been my plan for TZA. Hmm… hopefully it won't come to that.

  14. @NJManga — Honestly Aki's “fiancee” showing up feels like a another random piece of stupidity thrown into this series. Seriously, WTH!!? What can she bring to this story and what about the story that was introduced in the beginning? Why are they in high school and why is the student council, which only has 2 members in it, in this story? “The Extraordinary Club”??? Honestly, this story is a mess, but it is fast paced. But that just makes it a fast paced mess that's going nowhere quickly. The only things that are keeping me are the pretty artwork, Aki, and Jin. I really hope chapter 10 starts to turn things around. Dear gosh, this story promised to throw Kana into darkness!!! Where is the darkness!!!? This is nothing like I expected it to be. Aki and Jin, two wonderful characters have been thrown into a high school romp. Aki seems to be sneering at the stupidity of the situation the whole time. Please, for the love of good manga, remove this series from the high school setting and put it back into the gritty streets. Corrupt Kana. Grow this story up!!!

  15. As always, thank very much for your hard work!

    Now, into the chapter. Forward~!

    I sooooooo knew that the dude up there was going to be the computer guy. It doesn't even come as a shock to me..lol. (I'm not bragging, I'm just saying that it was extremely predictable, that's all).

    Ha! Aki basically said Kana wasn't pretty looking. That made me laugh.
    Hmm, do you think the student council.. duo, have something to do with Vampire Hunting? Aki said he felt a “murderous” or dangerous intent coming from the Prez and now.. with the 'feather' page.. it sort of clicked in meh brain that they might be on that side. ::shrugs:: I could be way off though. Because he could be the one with the stigma like everyone else originally thought..lol. But one thing I know for sure… Is that a vampire hunting is gonna show up at some point. They always do.

    Yay! Dealers back! I missed him. *snorts* Jin was totally correct even though he was making a joke out if it. Aki did get jumped by a girl.. well, slashed anyway. Wow.. she got his clothes off pretty quickly.. What the heck was she gonna do to him!? In a school, even!

    Right.. fiance. Annoying. If chapter 10 isn't any better, I believe I'm gonna drop this series. Like you, I don't want to because it has beautiful art and I like the two main boys and Kana's brother..lol. But if the plot really goes down the path I think it is.. then, I'm done. I have no desire to read about a love pentagon. Aki to Kana, Jin to Kana, Aki's brother (who's name I have forgotten) to Kana, and Tsukiki-something to Aki. Eh, oh well.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  16. @Tin — I don't want to drop this series either, but if it goes down the love triangle path and if they stay within the confines of the high school, I think I will go nutz with hatred. I hope Shouoto-sensei took a month off to consider where this story is going. I'm so very tired of typical high school romps. Hopefully chapter 10 will take us someplace good and hopefully Eve is dropping in to unhitch herself to Aki and then goes away for good.

    The story really needs to get out of the high school setting. It needs to go back to the hint of the drug problem mentioned at the very beginning of chapter. Actually, Shouoto-sensei should re-read chapters 1 and 2 and resume that story and drop this high school/Student Council/Extraordinary Club/Eve BS 'cause I really don't give a rat's a$$ about any of it. I want to know which twin betrayed which, who altered Kana's memory and why, what's with Kana's necklace that Aki now has, what was the deal with all of them living in the mountains when they were kids, and who is the larger enemy in the story that's driving Aki to pursue the Stigma. Nothing that is currently happening in the story has ANYTHING to do with that stuff. It's annoying as hell! Why the heck is this story in a high school setting!!? I was hoping for shady corporations or a crime group or something else. Seriously…this is magazine targeting 16+ years old…WTH!!!?

  17. @K3 :: I'm sorry, but I don't see that happening with Eve. Shouoto-sensei likes to add in characters like Eve (where the heck did I get the Tsu.. from..?) into her stories. I think Eve is here to stay until Aki and/or Kana basically tell her to leave… or she dies. One of them.

    And yes!! Exactly! I want to know all about that as well. Kana talks about the necklace, we have a small flash back.. and that's it! What the heck!? With the way things are going, people are gonna forget ALL about it. Tsk.

    AND if Aki has a fiance.. then that would mean his brother might have one as well, and we can most likely assume it's Kana (just from the first.. 3, chapters). If that's the case, then she has to have some sort of important significance to Aki's “clan”. Hrm..

    Ah, I'm probably thinking too much about it. ::shrugs::

  18. Sniff…why do some people upload without permission? Think about other fans please! >~<
    Anyway, this chapter was plain at first, but then things started heating up almost immediately…can't wait for the next chapter. thanks again for scanning this manga.

  19. Thank you for the new release!! I'll read chapters through the watermarks. It's better than seeing the drawings but not having any idea of what they're saying!

  20. I seriously don't understand why people have to keep uploading manga to those kind of sites when you can just get it direct on the blog. With all manga I read, I always get it from the scaning group or wait for it to be released in english. bEhiND_tHY_cRiMsoN_eYEs watermarks Gakuen Alice, but it still gets uploaded. Good on you Omari's Sister's for setting an example.

  21. I think is the first time that I read the PDF and delete the zip version of my computer. The people had to be stupid to upload the version with the watermarks, seriously.
    Well, in this chapter finally reappears Dealer, so maybe in chapter 11, after they arranged thinks with the new woman, the history will continue with the stigma thing?
    Either way, I really want to know how the history continues. For me the three principal characters are worth enough to continue reading.

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