Making Progress!…Maybe???

If we can get the last content farm to remove our projects, I’ll release a clean zip :).  Well…that was ruined by a nasty commenter whose comment I chose not to publish.  Apparently, some content farmers don’t get it.  The irritating watermarking will continue.  I’m tired of entitled people who think they deserve anything free or can exploit somebody’s elses hobby for profit.  I mind it.  I don’t understand why they simply can’t link to our posts or to our home page like Baka-Updates and One Manga.  The only reason to upload individual pages is to farm the content to ad revenue.

Here’s your missing J+K Chp 9 Money shot:

17 thoughts on “Making Progress!…Maybe???

  1. I don't think you should, yet. Because I have a feeling that the person will just upload it to the site after you take the watermarks off. Greedy people are like that.

    Too bad there isn't a way you could make it so that couldn't upload it to the sites. Sadly, none of us have super

  2. @Tin — If that happens, then the watermarks go back on for the duration of the project. We'll see, though. First, that one last website has to stop posting our stuff. After that, my main concern will be new manga content farms.

  3. please be more flexible omsis allow uploads to other manga sites but ask for an exclusivity window of like 2 or 3 days like some other scanners do.would you give that a try because i really like junketsu & kareshi.i also like magnolia so please don't limit our ability to read these titles.thank you for your hard work and consideration.

  4. No, I can't allow any flexibility on this matter. Our projects are available here. In principle I don't like how destructive content farms are, so no, the no upload rule will stand. Any website is free to link to the posts here or to the homepage like Baka-Updates does.

  5. Hmm… I don't really know much about internet rules and such, but do you think that, for example, creating a forum for which you have to register would help? I don't know if it's possible, but then couldn't you track a users ip address to find out who's delivering content to these farms? And then, block them? Erm.. I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense, I think I've heard about that somewhere, but I'm not sure (as I've said, I'm not really familiar with internet rules).

    Anyway, although the watermark is really annoying, thank you for the release! 🙂

  6. We aren't at that point yet. I think most of the website owners have been quite accommodating and complied with our request. I'm not sure about what that nasty-gram was about, but whoever it was clearly doesn't get it. Also people who believe not having this on content farms is limiting are silly. The stuff is right here. It's not hidden. Pull RSS on our release by following this blog or from Baka-Updates. Seriously??? All you need is a good index website. There's no need for content farms other than profit motive.

  7. Shirtless Aki! *.*
    Thanks so much <3

    Earlier or later readers from online version, they will want new chapters,
    and will go to your website and find out why this manga stop show up on online manga website and they also will be upset because of this watermarks and also they will want clean scanslations 😀

  8. @Chisaihoshi — I know this. It's a matter of how to execute this. As of now, readers can get a clean version by reading the PDF. As I said, most of the content farms have been respectful. There are just a few bad apples out there spoiling it for everyone.

  9. So sorry you are having to deal with selfish people.

    I don't find having the projects here to be a problem — this blog is in my bookmarks and I check it everyday!

    Keep up the good work – even with the watermarks I'm happy you all work so hard on these for us. 🙂


  10. I've seen people on MangaFox complain that “the only easy way to read is by uploading to an online reader” followed by “if you don't let people upload to MF, then you're not going to get readers, so we're doing you a favor by uploading!”

    I just don't get it. I might use MF for series I don't really care about (with AdBlockPlus running!) from groups that go a long time between updates, but it's way more convenient to see that a new part has been uploaded, then go to the site to download. Reading online is way more time consuming and difficult than using a program like Quivi that can resize the images perfectly for your screen, and can allow zooming in/out, and quick flipping through (very quick, compared to having to load webpages). Goodness, if there were an easy way to use MangaUpdates to see when a series has a new chapter translated, I'd do that. As it is, I have about 15 groups on GoogleReader and in my bookmarks, which is really easy to keep track of. So the whole “convenience” thing is dumb.

    The only argument I can remotely understand is the exposure one, but I suspect that most groups are more than happy with word-of-mouth and MU, and the exposure from MF & co is minimal, and also limited to those sites.

    Anyway, to sum up, I don't blame you. The sense of entitlement that comes from the teenagers I see posting to MF is just awful. I'm sure the other sites and content farms are the same.

    (Also: if you do go to private route, I recommend LiveJournal or Dreamwidth over a registration-required forum. Too many forums I've seen are difficult to navigate and obnoxious/off-putting because of the limited lay-out options. Plus, LJ/DW have the benefit of being blogs, basically, and it's easy to set posts to be public or private.)

  11. You can pull an RSS feed from MU. It's located on the left panel below the survey. It's too bad that you can't pull RSS on individual groups through that website. Anyhow, I pull RSS into e-mail from MU and I bookmarked my favorite manga sites and pull RSS from those groups into my mail or Flip Board. I have no need for sites like MF. I used to like using their forums, but then is got taken over by crazed idiots who don't know how to have a conversation without it becoming personal and offensive. I also don't care if bratty entitled idiots don't read our releases since there's absolutely no chance that they'll ever pay to buy any of the books or electronic manga. They are leeches rather than fans.

  12. I fully respect your decision and it is easy for me to see that you are clearly in the right on this issue. Since you put in the effort to provide these manga you should have say about where they go.

    Kids seem to forget that its amazing in itself that we are in an age where you can get books translated from another language and brought to us in a matter of seconds without any sort of cost to us. Big whoop if you have to go to the individual sites to find the manga, its better than not having it at all. Honestly they should appreciate how good they have it. :\

  13. Will this watermarking be only for j+k or for all? I don't mind the watermark, it just if there's a page that makes everyone jump for joy could you leave that clean? =S

  14. I read the chapter on my ipad, and the art was beautiful enough for me to ignore the sudden plot filler(?)! ❤ You guys have done a work proud, and if jerks have no respect to heed your wishes, I say on with the war! D:

  15. You can pull an RSS feed from MU. It's located on the left panel below the survey. It's too bad that you can't pull RSS on individual groups through that website.

    Oh, thanks for the heads-up! I'll poke around and see if I can't figure it out. The last time I tried, the only feed I could find was an entire site feed, which was way more than I wanted – I just wanted to see when 20 or so series got updated. But I was new to RSS at the time, so might not have realized the options.

  16. I don't mind a few of the content farms–but they're ones that only carry the archive files & mainly aim to ensure that the files do stay available. While I do normally use MU, sometimes I've found that past chapters were released by groups that, if they are still around, are not going to much trouble to ensure old chapters are obtainable. Even worse, a few the group literally doesn't have a copy so they could reupload anyway.

    That said, MangaFox and other online readers annoy me to no end–especially since some groups have taken to only releasing on online readers. (Since I read on a comic reader, and sometimes offline, this is one of the fastest ways to turn me off a group's releases.) The design itself is perfect if you're just trying to up ad revenue, and none are set up with the aim of helping groups out except the ones run by groups themselves.

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