One-Shot: "Twelve o’Clock Bell Rings"

We had originally planned to release this one-shot a little over the week ago, but there was a duplication with Turtle Paradise so I cancelled it even though it was almost ready.  But we talked it over within the group and received some encouragement from Turtle Paradise and, as a result, I decided to go ahead and finish it and release it.  Suzume, Ichigo Stars, and I spent too much time cleaning and redrawing the images to let the work go to waste.

This one-shot is more about the artist style than the story for me, although the end is pretty funny, even though it’s gruesome.  The English adaptation is somewhat different than Turtle Paradise’s so our version may have somewhat of a different feel.  This version is benign in comparison in my humble opinion.  I. personally, enjoyed the “bite” of the Turtle Paradise version.   Regardless, it’s always interesting to see how different people choose to adapt the same work.  There are many ways to say the same thing :).  And now onto the links!

“Twelve o’Clock Bell Rings”: (Zip) (PDF — mobiles and tablets)

Up next is Magnolia Chp 11!

5 thoughts on “One-Shot: "Twelve o’Clock Bell Rings"

  1. thank you! I read TP's version and I'll read yours too. I think 2 versions from 2 great groups – and their different takes – will give readers a better understanding/appreciation of the story. so yup glad u guys released too 🙂

  2. Cool! I just read TP's version and now I get to read your version! I like the fact that I can see two different translations of the same manga. Different people emphasize different aspects of the story, it's neat to be able to see that in action. Thank You!

  3. I know that this has been awhile but I would like to give a complete shout out for doing your manga in pdf file!!!
    Thank you for thinking of us unintentionally or intentionally.

  4. @teh and panalopy — I'm glad I got to read Turtle Paradise's version too :). Their version is a lot more fun and cynical. They took risks in the interpretation that I admit aren't in me. I'm too much of a happy doodle ;p. I think for me, I was more excited about the art and I wanted to concentrate on accentuating that.

  5. @ruu1221 — the PDF is intentional. I recognize that PC's are not the dominant form of computing or web browsing around the world. Mobiles and tablets can't open Zip files, nor can they display a folder of jpegs correctly. PDF's look beautiful on mobiles and tablets and that's why I do it. I also download our releases to my iPad to my little release library that I have in iBooks. I think manga looks great on iPad and I now read a lot of manga on my iPad. I hope other translation groups catch on and release PDF versions too.

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