Pika Ichi Chapter 9

We finally got a translator for “Pika Ichi” so now we can continue the series on a monthly release schedule.  Hooray for Amrai!  Let’s thank her for doing an excellent job on the translation.

Let’s see…this is chapter 9…ah…and we begin with the WTH moment of Hanako is Dougen’s arms.  That Dougen is a sly d***…There’s something seriously wrong with that guy’s brain and personally, when dealing with people like him I go by the words of an old song by Poe — “Can’t talk to a psycho like a normal human being”.  If only dear Hanako understood that concept and stayed away from Dougen.  Nothing good can come of this…ah…but Hanako gets the good and bad she deserves in chapter 10.  Onto the link:

Link to “Pika Ichi” Chapter 9: (PDF)

Note to the dumb bunnies still out there:  Do what you’re gonna do since you’re that hard-up for the 2-cents you’ll make off the ads for posting this this month, but please don’t comment or e-mail me about your hatred of PDFs.  It’s a waste of your time.  Your comments and e-mails go straight into the trash and I blacklist you from commenting.

Please, also, give “Billy Bocchan no Yuuutsu“, the one-shot we released today, a read!  It’s very cute :).

Next up is “The Ghost Apartment Manager” Chp 6.

And finally my comment about this chapterHanako, could you please not get kidnapped again…?  Seriously…you draw misfortune.  You better go home and transfer schools before you get crushed under that signboard in chapter 12…seriously, just leave…the mangakas are conspiring to kill you…

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