Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Girl on a Platter" by Meca Tanaka

This one-shot is in line with “World End Garden” and “Ryuu no Moriuta“.  It’s shorter than either one-shot, but I feel that this one-shot is better than “Ryuu no Moriuta” because the main female character, Tsubame, is much more likable.  (“World End Garden remains my favorite one-shot.) I sorta wonder how the story would have been different if “Ryuu no Moriuta” has a stoic female character like Tsubame.  In terms of Meca Tanaka works, this one-shot feels very different to me.  It’s much more mature and has a little more bite in the underlying message than the other works I’ve read.  I love it!  I hope to see more works like this from Meca Tanaka in the future.  I also hope she does more one-shots because this one is really good.  Thank you Tanaka-sensei :).

Onto the links!

Update 9/26/2011:  Page 8 reworked.  You may want to re-download it for your private archive.
Links to “Girl on a Platter”:  (Zip) (PDF) Updating files

Next up!  We are making a last minute scramble to complete “Rex Fabula” chapter 2 for Bakeneko’s Lair, “Akagami no Shirayukihime” chapter 26, and the final “Hana Kimi” After Story featuring Sano and Mizuki.  We’ve got 4 days…I can guarantee “Rex Fabula” and “Hana Kimi”.  AnS will most likely come out after Magnolia in early October.

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