"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Chapter 26

At last we come to the end of the Tanburn arc.  I’m kinda surprised this chapter didn’t begin with some color pages.  Oh well, this is still nice.
Anyhow…a lot of loose ends are tied up in this chapter.  We finally learn who Shirayuki really is and why Kadzuki kidnapped her.  I kinda wish that there was more to the pirate and the Mountain Lion grudge and more to the pirate’s boss than she’s an angry and violent woman.  I wanted there to be some history other than tit for tat.  But…alas, this is not a story about pirates and vigilantes who live in the mountains — though, if there ever was such romance, I would read that.  Aah…a crazy, but seductive female pirate queen and a justice minded vigilante who’s not sure whether he’s chasing her for love or justice.  It sounds so cliched, but I would be totally into that!  It’d eat that up like a tub of ice cream!

*Coming back down to earth.* As you may know, “Akagami no Shirayukihime” has moved from Lala DX to Lala magazine.  This means that AnS will come out monthly from now on.  There is a trade-off, though,  Lala DX has much better print quality compared to Lala.  We are fortunate that the first chapter of the new arc is printed in the high quality section of Lala, but there is no guarantee that it will be consistently printed nicely.  Like we do with “The Ghost Apartment Manager”, when the print quality is good enough for us to generate a high quality release, we will work from the magazine.  If the magazine print quality is too low, then we will wait for the tankoubon.  If this happens, then it will result in a long delay as we wait for the volumes.

And now for the links (yes, we are releasing a zip for this one. Some parts of the chapter are too pretty not to):  (Zip) (PDF — for mobiles and tablets)

Next up is Yukarism Chp 8!

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