"Magnolia" Chapter 15

 *Runs forward*

What a nice title page!  This page makes me want to have a Magnolia calendar for 2012.  That would be soooooo nice.

Anyhow…and now this announcement.  Magnolia volume 3 will come out on December 7th and there will be two versions.  One version is the book alone and the other version will include a drama CD along with the book.  I don’t know whether I will be getting the drama CD.  To be honest, don’t really understand the point of drama CDs.  I’d rather have a calendar. CALENDAR!!!  Hear my pleas Naked Ape.  CALENDAR!!!

All righty!  Now onto the chapter!

Link to “Magnolia” chapter 15:  (PDF)

My Thoughts on the Chapter (Spoilers Ahead) —

Poor Ayato is having trouble adapting to change, but Nagi seems to be having even more trouble with it.  And…enter Hugo, who lays some truth on Nagi.  I wonder how much what Hugo said was for Ayato’s benefit or his own?

Ayato is too cruel to all the guys around him/her.  I would feel sorry Hugo, but I know this is part his game.  Nagi, though…poor dear.  Hugo stomped all over his confidence.  So now what is Nagi going to do?  Is he going to be self conscious about how much he’s sticks close to Ayato?  Will he give Ayato some space resulting in Ayato having an “adventure” or two?

I’m looking forward to the next chapter, but given the pacing of the story, will we even get to the tea party, or with the tea party encompass the whole of volume 4? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  My feeling is the next chapter will deal with Ayato apologizing to Lily and end with the Ayato, Sui, and Lily heading over to the tea party.

Next up with be either AnS chapter 26 or Yukarism chapter 8.

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